An online game love story ! Devakshi ff (Epi -3)

The episode starts with sona reaching her hostel nd the rain too starts seeing the she remembers something nd takes a blanket which was hanging  nd rushes to her room . we see tina in the washroom who is keeping her face mask on her face where as aliya is shouting her name sitting in a chair

Aliya : tina tina tina ……

Getting out from washroom

Tina : stop! What happened ?why are u shouting ?

Aliya : I am not getting this problem help me na !

Tina was helping her when elena enters nd starts eating her snacks .

Tina to elena : ele …can u bring my blanket from down as it’s raining

Elena : I am busy

Tina : plz na ele u see I have just now put my face mask otherwise I have not ask u

Elena : no I won’t

Tina : ele….

Aliya : hey ! tina look someone is at the door

Tina opens the door nd it’s sona who also rings her blanket

Tina : oh !thank u so much sona

Sona : u know it’s rainig outside then y didn’t anyone went down to get

Nd then she is to change in washroom

Tina : sona y are u so late today ?

Elena : y are u even asking u know na our heroine must be having fighting in her game .nd that’s y she even left her laptop with me

Elena to sona : oh yay ! sona I have brought your laptop back

Sona : thank u ele ..

Elena to aliya nd tina : oh right ! u know today me nd our heroine encountered nathasha …….nd she narrates the whole story

Nd all of them laugh

Elena : sona by the way what will u do to ur laptop now

Sona: changing motherboard is expensive anyway so I have a plan

Elena : what plan ?

Sona : that I will buy a ……………

Tina :although I am also a cs student but seriously I don’t understand a word son and always feel like we are not in a same clg too

Aliya : I don’t understand at all

Elena : same !

Sona: oh ! I am so lonely …..

Sona opens her laptop nd searches something

Sona: where is my notebook which I left in the morning here !

Elena : is it this one !

Sona : yaaa

Elena : hey sona this is the book na in which u record everything everyday . I don’t have any idea what do u write nd other than gaming ,studying nd writing u should do something else too…

Sona : no need I like it this way nd don’t underestimate me . may be I can design new story ghost nd intern in oberoi industries

Elena mics her nd gets a light slap by sona for that nd aliya laughs seeing them

Elena : I really don’t understand u other’s study to do something nd u are wasting ur intelligence in games .intelligent ppl are really diff

from us !

Sona hearing raises her head nd moves her hand on her hairs raising eyebrow

The next day  begings

We see nathasha nd her so-called friend alina

Nathasha : so yesterday the girl really was sonakshi  !

Alina : yes! The one who lost to u in the competition

Nathasha : she is pretty nd she also looked kind hearted

Alina : oh plzz she looks gaudy nd she is nothing compared to u …..nd u are loving a guy who is doing CS that does mean every ppl fromCS are gud

Nathasha : alina….

Alina : let me tell u yesterday samrat was clicking pictures nd he saw sonakshi getting out from a millionaires car

Suddenly few guys enters in class room

Alina : think about the devil nd here he is   …….wait

Nd she goes to samrat

Alina: hey samrat ! can u just show the pic of sonakshi bose which u took yesterday

Samrat : how do u know

Alina : well I was just behind u but u left suddenly that time

Samrat : well I deleted that pic

Alina : deleted ! …..u really deleted or u are covering because of crush on sonakshi

Samrat : crush on her !…….plzzz

Alina then goes back to nathasha who listen their whole conversation

Alina : see told u na sonakshi isn’t that gud how much she shows

Scene changes to sona who opens her laptop nd checks is it working or not

Elena : sona ……kapoor industries is offering interenships so would like to apply

Sona : oh okay so apply for it from myside nd yaa apply for tin and aliya too

Elena : okay ! btw did u really got successful in repairing ur laptop

Sona : yaaa

Elena : u are so addicted to ur laptop nd games it’s not gud for ur eyes sona do something else

Sona : I have done my homework nd preparation for exams is also going acc to plan nd I have also done cleaning too……basically this shows my efficient

Elena : ok ! ok ! well I was just kidding u can continue to play ur game

Sona : actually ! I wasn’t very addicted to any kind  of games until I found this game . it just makes feel like I am totally in another world

Sona starts her game online nd fights with a monster

Yuvi.k : hey sona come to xyz place to get divorce

Sona : y

Yuvi.k : srry don’t ask !

Sona : okay ! I am coming

Both son and yuvi meets at a place where a statue of lady is present nd the tear falls from her eyes nd flows to them nd they  both drink it  so that they can get divorce .

Yuvi.k : sona keep this as compensation of divorce

Handing her some sword

Sona : not needed . anyways we got married because of a competiton so it’s okay

Yuvi.k : okay

so both leaves the place after some time naina comes to her nd informs her that yuvi.k is getting maary to some one nd also tells her that many ppl in the game thinks she is a guy who is playing ol with a girl profile due to her moves  nd also because she is the only female player in top 10 .sona gets sad listening nd suddenly many ppl in the game starts talking about sona nd yuvi.k’ s divorce plus about yuvi.k’s marriage nd everyone goes to attend yuvi.k’s marriage parade .sona by mistakely moves her mouse nd reaches that nd she doesn’t realise it nd as just moves to washroom cryingly elena nd others doesn’t notice it .after completing her crying she comes back from washroom nd sees her laptop where everyone in the game were gossiping that sona must have come to kiddnapped the groom or fight with him nd blah blah ….she gets shock seeing that nd thinks that if she goes offline then everyone will think she got scared nd suddenly sona starts selling her herbs nd everyone surrounds her to buy it nd the prade continues .after the parade goes from their sona stops selling it nd everyone leaves from their nd suddenly she hears someone calling him .

sona : the no.1 player ,the legend ,the richest ……master devrath .did u called me

devrath : yes . did u like the wedding parade ?

sona: is he here for the wedding nd divorce gossip like others( she thinks in mind ) yes !  i liked it .( replys him)

devrath : would u like to see even more grand wedding parade than this.

sona : what do u mean

devrath : let’s get married reed sona

sona gets shock………………….

the epi ends here hope u all like it nd srry for the late updates actually i am not getting time to write nd plus due to less readers i am not getting mood to write also if u feel i should stop then it’s okay .but atleast let me know through comments .nd about next epi hope fully will try to update soon.




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  1. AryanBhattacharya

    Nice episode di. And I liked this story. ??

  2. Sorry for late comment dear .Fabulous one …Loved it .Really excited for next one. Don’t get demotivated dear because of no.of comments , there are silent readers too who support u giving likes.Update soon & lots of love ? ?

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