An Online Game Love Story – a devakshi ff ! epi-9

The episode starts with sona opens her laptop nd gets ol nd suddenly she sees devrath’s msg who ask her to come to a xyz place in game .she reaches their nd sees a random guy tied with a rope near a pillar  ( that guy was the one who was badmouthing about sona in wedding parade ).

Reed sona: is he immobilised ?

Devrath: yes! Choose a low level weapon nd stab him .

Random guy : devrath D. ,I just said one sentences about u using other’s old shoes …….if u want revenge kill me ,why do u ask a woman to torture me ?

Reed sona : ahhh…! It’s u ,I recall now

Random guy : yes it is me.dare to kil me in one shot ?

Reed sona : don’t worry

Sona starts checking her weapon nd asking devrath about his opinion nd they finally select a knife which is lowlevel .

Reed sona: I still have my newbie set

Random guy : shit new bie set

Sona starts killing him with knife which decrease his points .

Random guy : shit …… my hp is in 10000s this will take forever

Reed sona : just few thousands…..i have set to auto mode my hands won’t hurt

Random guy :  I have a flithy mouth it’s all my fault …..can u plz kill me quickly don’t waste time

Devrath : don’t worry u won’t die ,I will heal u when ur hp is low

Random guy : shit….u are playing with me.

They both go on a side nd talk

Sona: so y is he not scared of death nd not logging off ,but staying here nd letting me stab him .

Devrath : he is doing chain quests

Sona : chain quest ……the one that u have to start over if logging off

Devrath : yes

Sona : u are so evil !

Devrath : thank u ! I have to take a call

Sona : yes , then I will do a problem till that time

Nd both pauses themselves nd continue their work

Three  girls passes by them in game nd sees random guy tiednd thinks to help him.nd they go to son and devrath

Girl 1: hey devrath D. u are the top player it is not fair to bully lower level players

Girl2 : why aren’t u talking ?

Reed sona : we are solving are personal issues plz keep passing by

Girl1 : what personal issue , bulling a lower level person nd torturing him like this …’s just a game

Devrath D : u guys should go if u don’t want to get killed disappear now …….i’m  back nd I will settle this .

Girl 2 : hey ! u guys are too much .

Girl 1 : exactly !

Girl1: being the top players doesn’t mean  u have a right to talk to girls rudely

Sona : it’s just a game . what are u getting angry for ?

Girl 3 : it’s a game ,so high level players can bully those at lower levels ?

Sona : the usual rules. Let’s have a showdown . u three vs the two of us . if u win u can take him away nd we won’t bother him anymore .

Devrath : take a break ,I can handle all alone

Sona : ok ! I will observe

The three of them goes aside nd talks

Girl1: he’s by himself.can he really beat the three of us ?

Girl2: but I heard he’s really powerful nd he is ranked no.1

Random guy : hey ! what’s going on ? what showdown?no way man ! I even took a shower nd u are still not done stabbing yet ?

Girl 1: hey

Random guy : hey ! y are u guys here ?

Guy1 : we are here to rescue u !

Random guy : u don’t have to…. We do have some grudges so it’s gud to resolve them .besides beautiful girls are supposed to be doted on .how can I let u fight ?

Girl1: u …

Girl 2 : we were helping him for nothing ….let’s go

Nd the three ladies goes .

Random guy: reed sona : u can keep on stabbing me ,I still have 200 health points .i’ll go nd do laundry , u re sure to be done when I get back

Sona : u have crude mouth but u are loyal

She takes her knife back

Sona: that’s enough . I won’t waste my internet nd electricity on u nd I am going to gather some herbs

Devrath : let’s go

They leave him tied there alone while he was shouting to untie him ,but they leave .

Sona : how did u know that he was on mult-task mission ?

Devrath : I logged on in the afternoon nd saw him asking around in the world chatroom trying to amass a large quantity of guardian beast skill nooks ….thta’s how I knew he was doing a multi-task mission

Sona : why does collecting those books mean multi task mission? There are many missions that require guardian beast skill books

Devrath: different non-player characters assign different tasks ,collecting guardian beast skill books is task no.236

Sona :u even remember the no.of the task ?u have such a gud memory !…..u said u saw him afternoon then y didn’t u takecare of him nd waited for me

Devrath : at that time ,he had completed 205  tasks so I thought to wait for him until he finishes 299 taks nd the very last one ? he would forever remember the feeling of despair as victory so close at hand is snatched away ,wouldn’t he ?

Sona : yes! You’ve won ,master…….thank u devrath

Devrath : it’s my pleasure ,it is my business anyway

Sona : it’s not for this …..this afternoon ,I was pretty unhappy due to somethings but I didn’t want my roommates to worry ,so I kept it in. But now ,I am really happy

Devrath : because of me ?

Sona :yes ,because of u .

Devrath : that’s gud

So the epi ends here hope u all like it . will try to post soon the next epi .


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  1. nice one ….. i love it

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      Thanks dear ☺️

  2. Niyati

    Wow….Beautiful episode dear …Sorry for late comment dear ….Loving ur ff to the core ….Update soon di & love u ? ?

    1. Arshiya_princess

      Thank u Niyu nd luv u too dear ?

  3. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Lovely episode di

  4. Aryan Bhattacharya

    When will you post next episode?

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