An Online Game Love Story – a devakshi ff ! epi-8

The episode starts with sona and elena waiting in que in mess nd sona notices elena who is just busy with her phone .

Sona: elena can’t keep ur phone away atleast during lunch

Elena : sona u don’t know there is a lot of things going on in clg forum ( nd she reads a news while sona also checks in her phone )a pretty clg girl stepping out of BMW nd destroyed my view of the world …..what kind of topic is this so low ….

( nd then she checks photo which is a blur pic but elena suddenly takes sona’s bag nd matches it with pic )

Elena: sona ….see ur bag nd the bag in the picture is similar

Sona: its not looking similar it’s me only ….

Elena: what?

Sona : ya ! I remember that day ,the mom of Nikhil ( sona’s student) drove me back to clg

Elena : the people these days are crazy , they don’t know anything about the person nd they just post about them.the gud thing is he blured ur face …..but what should we do about it.

Sona : let’s first eat now nd after that we will find out who the ID belong too .

The scene changes to dev who is in library nd he was reading his book nd he also sees a grup of ppl checking the same post nd badmouthing about son and he recognise that it’s sona by seeing the bag nd rembering his first meeting with sona where she was carrying the same bag . he then just silently moves to someother place .

The scene changes to elena nd sona entering in their dorm room where tina nd aliya were studying

Sona : who the hell posted such things …..

Nd she opens her laptop nd elena goes to washroom

Tina : what happened

Sona : this is a new ID let me check it

Tina nd aliya also checks with her

Sona : he has another ID it’s called rays ….do guys know

Elena coming from washroom

Elena : rays!….it’s a very famous ID the top student in foreign language dept. he is very handsome nd is doing diploma  nd also he knows multiple languages ……………..he is so handsome when he speaks foreign language !anyway , he is just a tiny bit less than dev dixit no may be two tiny bits

Tina : wait his name is samrat

Elena: yes

Sona : samrat!…..but I don’t know him .so,y did he posted my pic?

Elena : I have been following his posts he is an idealist …..he might think that u are that ……..

Sona: rubbish, ridiculous !i will go see him

Nd angrily she takes her bag nd goes

Elena: where are u going ?

Sona : foreign lang. dept.

Nd elena too goes behind her nd both tin and aliya are confused look

Tina : what just happened ?

Aliya: don’t know

The scene shifts to foreign language dept .where sona ask some guys that where is samrat nd they show her a guy in scooter going . sona stops him.

Samrat : sonakshi bose ! what’s up?

Sona:I am here to fix the view of ur world

Nd he parks his bike at a side nd they go to a bench where sona shows him a photo in which she ,her student nd his mom were there with the same car .

Samrat : what is this ?

Sona : I am the tutor of him nd the lady is his mom ,who drove me back the other day  ……………..seeing someone getting out of luxury car nd making ur own judgements is ur own problem but posting it ol is beyond ur own problems

Samrat : what do u want ?

Sona: delete that post nd apologise to me

Samrat :who knows this pic s true or not ……u CS ppl can do anything ,u also found me so soon

Sona: u don’t believe me

Samrat :I won’t judge any girl stepping out of BMW ,but it’s u

She takes the photo nd writes a address behind it nd gives him

Samrat : what is this now?

Sona :u won’t believe me ,so check urself .my student needs a English tutor y don’t u give it a try .

Nd she leaves . elena sees her near her bicycle nd goes to her nd says

Elena :sona what happened

Sona: he didn’t believe me nd said I photoshop the pic

Elena : idiot his photo can be photoshop too .i will beat him

Sona : gud luck ,u have my support

Nd elena turns nd sees sona isn’t stopping her nd not coming with her too.

Elena : sona …..u are not sympathizing a weak girl me how can win but ,asking me to go nd beat him

Sona: dw a guy like him can’t do anything to u  nd I will cheer for u

Elena :   no sympathy at all ,what do we do if he doesn’t believe nd u don’t seem to worry

Sona : what to worry about ?fake can’t be true nd I will solve it

Elena: u are so strong !

Nd both leaves the place nd with this epi ends too .hope u all like it .give me lots of thumbs up nd share ur views in comment below .

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