An Online Game Love Story – a devakshi ff ! epi-7

T he episode starts with sona running to her hostel room nd getting inside the room nd she fastly login’s .while we dev waiting for her in his apartment and aryan ,ayush nd Vicky are in their hostel rooms waiting for sona with dev in game at particular place in game nd then they see sona ol.

Reed sona: srry ,I am late!

Devrath: no problem ,we too just came now .

Reed sona: wow ! y so many ppl are here ? nd even the leaders of two guilds too.

( guild means a family in game ,thereare  grup of ppl who join nd became the part of that nd it ‘s know as guild )

Devrath : y don’t u ask them

Then sona moves forward nd to ask

All together : congo congo

Guy1: devrath helped me once nd I am happy that he is going to settle down finally  nd I ask my guild members if they’re free to attend ur wedding nd wedding parade later.

( the other guy says the same too)

Guy 1: nd we are waiting for our red envelopes too( it’s a kind of give some points or like that too )

Reed sona ‘s pov: so many ppl nd red envelopes for every one ……the legend will go bankrupt !

Nd she turns to devrath  and devrath gives her a sword .

Reed sona: what is this ?

Devrath: groom’s gift .

Reed sona: I don’t need it

Devrath : it ‘s for competition nd fights

Sona then takes it nd then sona gives her a small shinning stone

Reed sona: this is my dowry nd ik it’s cheap but I will make it up in the future .

Devrath: I am happy as long as u marry me

Devrath takes it nd the wedding ceremony begins with an old man announcing their wedding nd then a option kind of appears infront of them on which by clicking yes they get married nd the ceremony ends .

Aryan ,ayush nd Vicky : done ……flower! Flower!flower!

( they dance in the room )

Vicky : the third got the wife finally but, I thought the guy with this personality can never get a girl

Ayush : ya ! I thought so too

Nd both starts dancing

Aryan: brothers congo to u two .now let’s join the parade

The parade starts nd devrath is sitting on horse nd reed sona is sitting in palanquin under the veil while the boys are behind them nd others are watching them.

Random guy : reed sona must have trap devrath as he is the top player but I did not thought he would be mad to marry to her .

Nd like this few girls badmouth about sona being ugly ,selfish.

Random girl to yuvi.k ‘s gf : if u fight with her , I am sure u would win .

Nd the three of them come infront of her nd says

silly: who says she can win ? our SIL is much better than her

Mozarta : if u dare then come let’s have live fight come!come !

Nd then everyone shuts their mouth nd the parade continues.

Aryan (on their grup chart ): it is wedding night ! it is wedding night ! let’s watch

Vicky : hey since when did this game has wedding night event ?

Ayush : since last year but ,it’s boring ….there are only two things to do first,stand and talk nd second sit nd talk .

Vicky : so it’s a pure nd innocent concept but monkey ……what do u want to do other than chatting ?

Nd they all laugh nd suddenly Aryan in a disappointing tone

Aryan: really ! thay really don’t want us to watch

Ayush: hmmm….

Nd the three of them gets disappointed.where as reed son and devrath are seen in a random place .nd suddenly dev gets a call nd says that too son and excuse himself for a comes back nd smiles stupidly but in a cute way seeing his computer as reed son and devrath were seen in a hotair balloon nd looking at the view of the city ( it

was going on in game )

Reed sona : what are we doing ?

Devrath : sight seeing

Reed sona :it is fullmoon  tonight .is this our honeymoon?

Reed sona’s pov : jeez ,it ‘s really our honeymoon .

Reed sona : your highness, u are playing this game too seriously .

Nd then the scene changes where devrath is sitting nd playing music nd reed sona collecting herbs nd after that she goes to him nd says

Reed sona : plz help us plz help us ( like begging taking a bowl in her hand ) great music for sale ,don’t miss the chance

Nd then both laugh slightly .nd scene changes where both of them are standing nd suddenly devrath jumps  high nd takes a flower from a mountain near him nd gives to reed sona .nd then the game announce nd says to them that they have completed their level .we see dev smiling slightly .

So the epi ends here .hope u all like it nd do share ur reviews in the comment below .don’t forget to give thumbs up nd stay tune to see the first meet of samrat nd son and also the beginning of samrat’s oneside love story …….



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  1. AryanBhattacharya

    Lovely episode di.
    Kal mere yaar ki shadi thi, Kal mere yaar ki shadi thi ??

  2. Niyati

    Wow ….Awesome dear ….Episode is very lovely ….Waiting for Samrat’s entry ….Update soon & lots of love ? ?

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