An Online Game Love Story – a devakshi ff ! epi-6

The episode starts nd its their d-day guys . we see sona sitting in class nd checking the calender in phone nd smiles reading that today is an auspicious day for everything .while tina notice her nd says

Tina : what are u reading sona ,that u are smiling stupidly

Sona : since when was I being funny …..i was pretty serious

(nd sona gives phone to her nd tina says while taking back phone )

Tina : ok! I’ll check myself then.

(elena comes with aliya excitedly nd says )

Elena: today is the basket ball match ! when are we going to save some seats?

Sona : oh ya !the basket ball match is also today .i think can’t  come today as I have something tonight

Elena : what ! u are not coming to the basketball game that dev is playing in? are u quiting our fan club sona !

Aliya : yes sona ! u can’t do this just come with us na plzz….plus they’re less CS girls so we help our seniors by cheering for them

All the three: come !come! come na

Sona : okay okay ,fine ! but I will early today

Elena : okay!

Aliya : let’s go then

The scene changes  to dev who is getting ready to leave nd he wears his blazer nd leaves his home .then the scene changes to the basketball court where tina ‘s boyfriend is waiting for all the four nd then they come

Tina’s BF : finally u guys are here .u know how much effort I put to reserved those

Sona : it’s only 3 ,isn’t the match going to start at 6

Tina’s BF : we all know dev is coming so , ppl are coming early to save seats nd I heard that campus beauty is also coming

Tina : oh ! campus beauty. U are so worried about other’s coming or not huh?

Tina’sBF: no no , I only heard other ppl saying . I didn’t even see her.

Tina : just lead the way to our seats

Then he shows their seats in first row where they all go nd take seats .

Tina : hey ! when will dev come ,he will surely not come at 6 as he first do warm up exercise

Elena : exactly! We are here early to watch him doing warmup

Tina’s BF: tina are u to support me or dev?

Tina : obviously we are here for our seniors

Tina’sBF : so u are here for dev ?

Tina: yes

Tina’s BF : then u should leave as he is not coming

elena: but that poster clearly mentioned about him

Tina’sBF: ya we posted to grab audience as u guys know they won’t be much ppl if he did not come

Sona: so it was all fake !

Aliya: u fooled all the girls here!

Tina’s BF: we didn’t mentioned anything  about dev it was ur guys imagination seeing thinking that it was his shawdow type image

All the girls stood up to go.

Tina’s BF : hey ! where are u guys going? Tina aren’t u still my gf nd the seats will also be gone

Tina : dw ! as all the seats will get empty if they come to know that dev is not coming nd we will come after having dinner

Nd they all leave the place nd the scene changes to a conference room where we see dev coming nd meeting boys who are also wearing formal clothes nd where many business ppl are present too.

Vicky : there many teams presenting here nd there are many big companies like kapoor industries nd oberoi game co nd they’re also many investors

Dev: ok

Vicky : third bro ! don’t be nervous

Dev :are u joking ?

Aryan : indeed,indeed u are our third bro .

The presentation beigns where dev represents their company nd it all goes well .after the conference many ppl come nd give them his cards nd meet them .their the match also starts where all the girl cheers for their seniors .

So the epi ends here .hope u all like it nd don’t forget to give ur reviews in comments below nd also give me lots of thumbs up stay tune to be the part of dev and sona’s wedding +honeymoon in game ( it’s just a kind of level in the game don’t think too much okay)

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  1. Niyati

    Wow….loving the concept ….Excited for devakshi wedding in game ? ….Please update soon & lots of love ? ?

    1. Arshiya_princess

      Thank u nd luv u too Niyu
      Will upload next epi soon

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