AmuSwaragini a bhagi rebel of love intro


Amayah (amu from tere sheher mein) main lead: a sweet loud girls who loves her twin sister a lot and can do anything for them. she works in her late dad fashion company to fulfill his last wish. also best friend of pari.

Swara main lead: a cute bubbly girl who is 100 times louder than amayah and 1000 times quieter than her twin. she is a guitarist the best one. she also works in her dad company for 3 days and the rest days go to college, she is also best friend of pari and uttra also adarsh . can do anything for her sisi .

Ragini main lead: a sweet lovely girl who is quiet and also works with amayah. she loves her both sisters a lot and also can do anything for them. best friend of pari and uttra.

maheshwari family

sanskar main lead: best guitarist who is loud like swara and works in his dad company of shoes and fashion also has enemy with her. he loves his 2 brothers and sis and sis in law and cousin.

laksh main lead: world best fashionista who loves his brothers and sis a lot also gets on with his sis in law pari but hates swara and loves his cousin.

dev ( ek hasina thi) main lead: cousin of laksh sanskar adarsh and uttra. who hates amayah a lot. he works in the same company as sanskar and laksh. he also loves his cousin a lot and can do anything for them but he loves swara a lot like his sis and ragini.

the rest of the characters are the same but dadi dada ji dida shaker and sumi died in a car crash so the sis took over and helped them in everything with the help of maheshwari but only the elders know what happened. don’t worry the story of hateness will soon turn into love and why these guys hate swara. also why dev hates amayah and loves the 2 sis like his own.

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this is my first ff

Credit to: swathi

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  1. Nice intro can u make it swalak plz

  2. keep NYC swasan story

  3. Intretesting.Pls tell me the pairs yar

  4. sounds like interesting

  5. make it a lovely swasan and manya……. add raglak also

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  9. Please make it swalak……

  10. Vry nce intro can u make it swasan nd raglak plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzz update soon

  11. Where is our dearest Mantu?

  12. Oh cute intro

  13. swalak plz

  14. Swalak plsss…..

  15. Awesome intro swathi…..waiting for t episode to begin..

  16. looks interesting..

  17. yes please make it swara laksh

  18. i am sorry swalak fans and thanks u guys for the loverly comments

  19. Swalak plz.. And nice intro

  20. Nice intro.. Make it swalak

  21. Plz make it swasan only

  22. Nice….. pls make swasan

  23. Raglak plzzzz

  24. Nice intro…..

    This is my humble request that plzzzzzzzz make SWASAN as pair….I love their pair a lot…
    Keep writting… 🙂 ♥♥ 🙂

  25. The intro was interesting. Waiting for the next episode. And plzzzzzzzzz make it swasan raglak and manya. Swara ragini and amaya r sis. Update the next episode fast.

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