AmuSwaragini a bhagi rebel of love Chapter 1


there was happy family eating ice cream and a girl said

amaya: swara i am bigger than you so i get to have the first bite

swara: no didi we will not have ice cream but go down there and play

ragini: ok we will play while these guys talk

amayah: yeah these guys are always talking lets go

amu swaragini go but the heard a big bang

fb ends

swara: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

amaya: swara what happened

ragini: yeah didi what happened

swara: ma,papa,dida,dadi left us all alone there she was crying along with there sisi

ragini: didi we are all alone we dont have any one with us just us

dev: dont you there you are not alone but you got your big brother

swaragini run to him and ammayah had a face

ammayah: what are you doing here

dev: i have come here for my sisters not for you and pls dont start with me again

ammayah: what did you say i start with you

they both continued arguing meanwhile

swaragin shout stop it yaar

ragini: bhai say sorry

swara:amu you to say sorry

sanskar:sorry that to my sister no way

laksh: exactly amu di never apologise so dev apologise to my sis right now

ragini: hi sanky hi luck when did you come

swara: what are you guys doing here and what do you want

sansakar: excuse me madam i have no in tension talking to you so pls dont star with me

lucky: leave it yaar, bhai some people dont know when to talk and dont know when to shut up

dev: oi hello look before talking to my sis talk to me first understand

sanskar: chill Na yaar and forget this we need to go to office

swara mumbled: go then like anyone cares

sanskar: did you just say something

swara: yes I did and what is your problem if I said something

sanskar: yes if you did then speak clearly by the way amu di could you make coffee before we could go

swara was about to say something but amu interrupted and said

amu: yes for my lovely bro

swara: bhai do you want coffee or any thing if you do then tell amu she will make it right di

amu fake smile: yeah dont worry i will make the best coffee or tea for him

ragini: what about you lucky

lucky: no thanks and thanks for the offer

amu: swara you go and fresh up while i will go and make coffee for my bro and for that idiot

swara: di my bro is the best and I will come and help you in 5 Min

by the way ragini who’s team are you on mine and bhai or amu didi and her bro

ragini gets confused

ragini: I am on….

pre cap: swasan and amudev argument while raglak sweet talks

sorry guys for the late post because i did not have any internet working and happy belated Christmas

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Credit to: swathi

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  3. Nice but make it long

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  8. woooow its too confusing but also too much interesting

  9. please post next episode as soon as possible

  10. are thinking to post the next episode next year please make it soon or i will go mad

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