Amrit Manthan 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 30th May 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Nimrit to save Bani..jojo beared the weight of the cupboard which was about to fall on heart touching even in memory loss its the mother instinct in her to save her kids.. Amrit.. Tej. Yug help each other to put the cupboard back in its place..Amrit hugs Nimrit asking her if she is hurt..Nimrit asks Bani..jojo if they are fine and Bani replies pretty dolly you saved us.. mahiji concerned for Nimrit and the of the housekeeper tells Tej one of the wall of the palace is destroyed completely..All the family concerned about it and Mahiji says the builder he knows dont know how to repair it..Amrit says we cant live without the wall for the safety of the kids..who can repair heritage thing..Tej says i know someone and he will be here morning… Angad..karan explaining

to them the procedure of how it should be repaired as its a may take 2 months or more.. Mahiji asks him to start thework and sunitaji invites him for lunch ..he says no as he has to look for a rent house..Tej tells he thought he was staying at the guest house..Karan replies its too far for his work and he has already talked with a broker..Tej replies our palace is so big why dont you stay here..karan says how is it possible..Mahiji says why not you are repairing the wall so you can stay at the palace..Amrit not liking it..

At the breakfast table Nimrit..the girls already seated for lunch.Nimrit sees karan with the family and she tells the girls he is the one who saved me..Nimrit and the girls come to meet him..Nimrit tells karan you saved me thats why you came here for Thank you..karan replies its ok and Nimrit says no its not ok..its good manners dont know that..she says Thank you a bit abrupt to him…Bani tells Nimrit does anyone say Thank you like it happily .Thank you very much like this..Nimrit repeats same to same…the housekeeper taking karan suitcase upstairs when it falls from his hand ..the suitcase opens up and all shocked to see pistol and daggers in it..Nimrit picks up the daggers and pistol in her hand saying wat’s this Amrit Di..Amrit snatches it from her hand telling her one should not play with it and asks to go get her lunch..Amrit faced Karan asking him wat’s all this..he replied the dagger is for his work and pistol for his safety as he has to work in lonely places..He shows Tej the licence for the weapons..Tej tells him he understands and karan walked upstairs with the housekeeper..Amrit tells Tej she doubts him and they should not let him stay here..Tej replies if a known enemy can stay here then why not a stranger who saved Nimrit twice..Karan walking in the corridor with the housekeeper and asking him about the rooms..the housekeeper replies the kids room is on this side and he showed him Nimrit room ..karan asks him who stays in the room next to Nimrit..he replies noone..its for the guest and karan asks him if he can stay here..Amrit replies no..your room is there which Tej gave you..Karan tells Amrit why i have the impression that i’m not a guest here but a culprit..Amrit replies its called to be alert and where there are kids one should be careful..come i wil show you your room but karan says wait..i feel this room is good for me for my work ..Amrit tells him you can’t stay here but Tej replies of course you can .he opens the room for him ..Amrit gives a look at karan and goes away..

karan in his room keeping away the weapons and takes his cell writing a text message..Indu with the bridal saree talking to herself that karan will take revenge from Nimrit..she gets the message in which karan has written about him staying at the palace..Amrit with Nimrit in room asking her for icecream..Amrit says fine i will get you icecream but promise you will sleep after the meanwhile Nimrit playing with an aeroplane and comes face to face with Karan..he asks her why she is not sleeping..Nimrit a bit scared goes back on the bed saying thats my problem i cant sleep..karan stares at her and tells her should i solve your problem..He gives her a medecine tablet..Nimrit says wat’s this?..karan replies its a magic pill for sleep..Nimrit says is it bitter?..Karan says no and Nimrit have it with water..A few minutes later Nimrit says i’m not getting sleepy and starts playing with the aeroplane..Next she starts dozing off and next completely asleep..Karan comes closer to her holding her hand to take the teddy away when Amrit enters the room..she shouts his name and panics seeing Nimrit asleep..she sees the medecine tablets on the bed and asks karan what he has done to Nimrit.. she threatens him if anything happens to her sister she wont spare him..she will kill him..Tej comes there too and Amrit shows him the Tablets and starts calling the Doctor..Tej stops Amrit telling her its good for the treatment of Nimrit..his Army doctors asked him to get these Tablets for Nimrit but could not find them..its good for such cases like Nimrit who are going through a Trauma..its good for relaxation of mind and best treatment. Amrit says thats why Nimrit sleeping so peacefully..Amrit asks karan how you have these tablets with you..karan replies he too had gone through a trauma..

Karan sleeping and becomes restless when he gets flashback of his sister calling him bhaiya .Bro and jumps from the roof of a building..Karan wakes up in a jolt saying No…the jug of water empty he walks to the kitchen when he hears some noise..outside indu trying to sneak in the palace..Its jojo with chocolates box near the fridge..Karan asks her wat’s you doing here..jojo replies i’m having chocolates.. karan says this time and our sweet jojo replies i dont look for time to eat chocolates.. anytime i do it and even in my dreams i eat chocolates..she offers him the chocolates but he says no..She asks him what is he doing here and he replies to get water..jojo says go and take it.Indu enters Nimrit room and lifts a dagger to stab her…

Precap..Indu about to stab Nimrit when she opens her eyes and Amrit wakes up hearing Nimrit shouting her name..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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