Amrit Manthan 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 9th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with droolicious and emotional AgNi scene.AgNi together
in their room and Agam thanks Nimrit on how she kept the hope in Bani’s heart
alive and how she struggled all hassles these past 7 years without him. Agam
asks her to forgive as he believed Amrit’s words and came to Amritgarh to take revenge on her.Agam tells Nimrit his wish is to wear their trademark bangles to Nimrit and
he wears them with BG music Hum tere bin (Gosh perfect song selection )
The scene is must watch for AgNi lovers as it is hard to explain their emotions and I am very much lost in the scene that am finding hard to describe all the super dialogues
BanJo insisting that they will sleep with Agam and Tej tries to talk way the kids but
the kids don’t agree

. Tej tells AgNi that he tried to keep kids away but couldn’t . Agam asks Tej forgiveness and both share nice bromantic moment (Is it even a word?? Well now it is)
Jo says Bani ke papa will you keep talking or will you even play with us (I always love filmy Jo’s dialogues )Both the kids play with Agam and Agam tells them bed time stories and Nimrit looks at them lovingly (Cutest scene..Aww Agam deserves it after 7 years of seperation from his dear ones)
Amrit serves breakfast to Yug and tells that they will wait for Bani and shows
all menu she prepared for Bani. Yug consoles and gives her reality check that
Bani isn’t with them. She says she is missing her and will calls her.
All the parivaar having breakfast and Agam cuts the call when amrit calls. Amrit
worried that AgNi might have told the reality to Amrit and that Bani might hate her.
Amrit cries hysterically saying she misses Bani And Yug assures her that he will kidnap Bani and
will go somewhere and Bani will stay with them forever .(yeah like Agam is gonna watch him do that ).Amrit denies saying that she wants Bani also to love her as much as she loves her (Amrit needs serious help ). She says that she will visit Bani as she is her Maasi

All parivaar praying with bhajans at the palace. Yugam comes and the security don’t let them in . Amrit tries to go saying she needs to meet Bani and screams Bani ..Bani overhears and asks the security to leave her ( Aww poor angel doesn’t know how vicious this Amrit aunty is)
Amrit hugs Bani and asks how she is? Nimrit comes and sees Amrit with Bani but Amrit takes a knife and tries to stop her from coming towards her. Agam and Tej who comes there also gets shocked to see this.
Amrit takes a dupatta kind of thing and ties on Bani ‘s head and gives her a kada and gives something to give to JoJo and asks them to take blessings of Babaji ..Agam takes Bani from Amrit and asks Nimrit and Tej to take kids inside. He warns Amrit and asks her to think how Nimrit might have felt when she tried to seperate both mother and daughter. Tej tells that they should handover her to cops and Agam says thay she must have committed many sins but she saved Bani and just for that reason he will leave her . He warns her not to come for Gurbani again and leaves.
Amrit cries with Yug consoling her..

Precap: Lady was shown who was keeping track of Agam’s whereabouts all these days but not sure who she is .

Update Credit to: Saina

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