Amrit Manthan 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 8th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Agam and Nimrit hugging , NImrit said Agam Ji i was knowing that you will come and won’t you go away from me now , so agam said yes nimrit Ji i will never go away from you , just then Tej said Bullet , agam looked behind and hug tej , tej and agam both were very happy , nimrit said now agam ji come lets go to our own home , your daughter is waiting for you , your bani … Agam said yes but wait , he hold Nimrit’s hand and brought her infront of mata , took out a bit sundoor in his fingers and applied it in nimrit’s maang .. Nimrit was so happy ..

Nimrit and Tej told Agam about amrit , that she has the only bone marrow matching with bani and so Agam said and that’s not onl bone marrow , tej and nimrit looked at him ,he said the new bone marrow is with us … i

have found it … Agam and every one reached home , sunita was trying to talk to Jojo , as jojo was sad , agam said ma .. sunita looked at him , both hug and then sunita said agam you are here infront of my eyes , i cannot believe it i am very happy , your father saw you hit with pistol , so agam said yes , it was the plan of amrit , but god gifted me a new life , and now i cannot stop to meet my daughter and so everyone left to take Bani ..

Amrit , Yug were ready to leave , Bani said i don’t want to leave my home town , just then she prayed that oh god please for the last time send my angel hero uncle back to me , to save me , so amrit said that bani , you have to go with me , while agam comes and said stop , amrit was shocked to see him , agam said you cannot take baani away from her grand father and grand mother , from her sister , uncle , mom and daada , he opened his arms for Bani to come and hug ..

He said yes Bani i am your daada , Bani said to Nimrit that mama is he my daada ? Nimrit comes in front , looked at agam and nodded her head , Bani with joy comes and hug Agam and said daada you have come i was waiting for you , on every birthday i wait for you and then when you not come i got sad , so Agam said but now i am back , and i love you very much , Bani said and what about mama ? so Agam get up looked at nimrit and said love your mama so much too …

Agam and Nimrit hug Bani , Amrit was very jealous seeing this , she said to Agam that i think your family has not tolden you that i am the only one who can save your daughter so Agam said i know , and there is not you but anyone else also you can save my bani , i have found a new donor , and amrit comes infront and hold Bani and was taking Bani with her while Agam took hold of Bani and pushed Amrit and everyone leave , Yug was holding Amrit ..

Everyone was at home , Bani was teaching Agam a way to hand shake , while Nimrit and everyone was very happy , Nimrit gave tea to Agam and said Agam Ji are you fine now ? So Agam said i am definitely fine , as my whole family is with me , while Bani said the now we should go and pray to god , so Agam said yes , but now i want to talk and play alot with you , while Jojo half hidden at tej’s Backside , says : yes we should pray god .

Agam looked at her and Said oh you are Jojo , come here why are you hiding ? Jojo comes to Agam , Agam said , did you remember that we got friends in mumbai ? so Jojo said yes , and now you are here , so i will go and meet my him .. Agam looked at everyone , about Jojo whom she was asking , so Tej said its Ranbir Kapoor and now she will talk with you non stop .. Bani and Jojo went to pray God …

While Vishal and the man who is now giving the bone marrow to bani comes ( the guess is he is the mask man ) so Agam said we should be thankful to Vishal as he helped us a lot , so Sunita said from today i have 3 sons , Agam , Tej and Vishal , Vishal said its good to hear it from you , when i was small my mother was dead and after some time my father too .. So vishal said but then i got a brother ..

Nimrit said there is one more person who is very kind , she points at the man who is donating bone marrow to Bani and said in this world some people like him are also present , Amrit was in a big shock and crying for Bani , Yug was trying to handle the situation , Amrit said i want Bani any how …

precap : Amrit said to Yug that i want bani , she hug yug and then yug said we will now kidnap Bani , Yug and Amrit were holding taking Bani and Amrit is holding the Knife and whole family is standing , Amrit telling no one to come infront .

Update Credit to: Mehak

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