Amrit Manthan 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 7th May 2013 Written Update

It starts with Nimrit hugging Bani and Amrit with anger watching them ..she calls her name and Nimrit got it her makeup as Rajamma is washed up..the coming scene got me in a total confused state ..Amrit who cheats people pointing a finger at Nimrit for cheating her..really that was like the kettle calling the pot black..she snatches Bani from Nimrit but that angel hugs her mom and dont want to go to Amrit..that she cant digest and start accusing Nimrit left right center as if she is the biggest sinner in the world.Amrit reminds Nimrit about she is the one who can save Bani and Nimrit has to let go of Bani.Yug takes her away and Amrit stoop low again by getting Nimrit arrested by the police..Total gone case ..

At Amrit place Bani asking for her mom and if she is safe..Amrit becomes more crazier

and starts instigating that child about how a cheat is her mother..forget about her as she loves her more..Bani does want to eat and asking for her mom..Amrit again trying to pacify her and about her love for her does not have any impact on Bani and repeats she needs her mom and wants to talk to her..Amrit snatches the phone from her and shouts loudly scaring that angel..Sunitaji..jojo come to see Bani..Amrit dont let them go inside..she threatens them to take away Bani from Amritgarh and even leave the country..Bani in tears watching the servant throwing sunitaji.jojo out..Amrit takes Bani in her room and acts all good with her..she tells her no need to meet this family again.they will leave this place…Bani not happy and Amrit hugs her saying she will give her lots of love ..Bani is shown with a sad expression..

Tej gets Nimrit bail and she asks about the kids …She asks about the kidnappers and gets more worried if they are not arrested Bani’s life can be in danger again..She tells Tej she will ask Amrit to come and live in the palace for Bani’s safety..Tej is quiet and asks Nimrit to go home..She gets a call from jojo and she tells her how Amrit did not let them meet Bani and threw them out of the house..sunitaji relates everything about Amrit plan to take Bani away from them..Nimrit shocked and sees Ma Durga murti..she walks towards Ma Durga and asks she has gone through all the test by her with patience..she continues that she had belief in her that one day her patience will get a good result but someone is snatching her child from her and she cant do anything.tell me is that the reward from you for my faith and patience..i need my answer and Agam voice is heard have the answer..Agam is shown walking towards Nimrit who is numb on seeing Agam ..Nimrit did not know how to react..whether to believe what she is seeing or not..

The Ma Durga mantra playing i the BG and Agni staring at each other..Finally Agam says Aap ka Agam..i have come back to you.. Agam says i remember everything and touches Nimrit..she then reacts with his touch and says his name.Agam says i have not forgotten anything .i have got back my memory and also everything has come back to me..My god has given me back everything..Agni hug each other and both in tears..such a magical moment..

Precap.Amrit taking Bani away and she wants to be with her Daada..Agam pushes Amrit away and picks up Bani in his arms and all family go away..Amrit hysterical with Yug consoling her.

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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