Amrit Manthan 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 6th May 2013 Written Update

Nimrit runs towards the car to pick up call thinking it could be from Bani
but stops when Amrit finds some socks of Bani.Nimrit recognises it is Bani’s and
Tej,Nimrit and Amrit rush to find her.
Yugam , Tejni along with Police try to search for Bani in the place where she was tied before.
They realize that the kidnapper has changed the spot and Nimrit feels very sad that she
couldn’t help Bani knowing Bani was there at that spot.Amrit tries to console Nimrit
But stops herself from doing it.
Agam is sad that the call did not go thru and tries again but his battery is dead. Vishal
tels him not to waste his time and that they should leave urgently.Fake Nurse calls and informs Agams plans that he left to AmritGarh.
Amrit goes away with police

to search for Bani brushing off Nimrit’s ideas.Tej consoles Nimrit saying that they will use his Army and find Bani. Nimrit says that the guy has kidnapped from Amrit’s home and could be Amrit’s enemy. She says that the possibility of the kidnapper calling Amrit is more and she has to be with Amrit and decides to save Bani by being with Amrit as Nanny so Nimrit can know what kidnapper wants .
Bani is tied to a chair and a guy comes to her and asks her to eat. She stays mum. Tejni travelling in a car and Nimrit sees missed call from London. Nimrit tells Tej that it could be of her Agamji and tries to call the number back but the phone is switched off. She tells Tej that what would she answer to Agam about their Bani.She prays to God for Bani and Agam’s safety
Bani is suffering from fever and the masked guy asks to get medicine.YugAm searching for Bani and Rajamma comes to help them as well.Yug and Rajamma goes in one direction and Yug in another asking people if they saw Bani
Agam remembers Bani and his moments in India and Vishal come and says that the
flights are delayed due to bad weather . Agam wants to go and meet Bani and Nimrit at any cost
Amrit cries thinking about Bani and how she feels that she is responsible for her kidnap and cannot bear to see Bani suffering. Nimrit as Rajamma consoles Amrit and Amrit thanks Rajamma for being her strong support and hugs her

Rajamma goes to a medical store to enquire about Bani when the goonda is buying medicines for Bani . Nimrit notices the medicines and cross questions the goonda about the disease as she knows that they are tablets for leukamia patients. She asks the guy how old is his daughter and Nimrit finds something is fishy. She calls Amrit to the medical store as well.

Both Amrit and Nimrit find the godown where Bani is tied and fight with the goondas and in the process Nimrit gets drenched by water and her make up gets washed away. The goonda tries to attack her but Tej comes and rescues her. They both come to where Yugam and Bani are and Bani hugs her saying Mamma. Yugam shocked to see Nimrit and Nimrit realizes that her make up is gone and they now know the truth

Precap : Nimrit praying to Devi Maa that someone is taking her loved one away and she isn’t able to do anything and asks her to give a reply . Agam enters and replies that the answer she is looking is in front of her .. Me faintsss

Update Credit to: Saina

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