Amrit Manthan 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 5th February 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Amrit..Yug getting restless of what will Rudraksh do next..Amrit tells Yug even if Rudraksh confesses to the police that she is the one who shot him she will not go to jail..Tej..Agam enters the palace and also Mahiji..he tells both he has put microphone in the Garland for too put on yours..Yug sees both and tells Amrit should i kick them out..Amrit tells him no as everyone knows they are my relative..Mahiji asks a lady to put garland for Amrit..she does so with Amrit unaware there is a microphone fit in it..Tej signals a waiter to give Amrit the phone..she is scared hearing Rudraksh voice..she moves away and tells Rudraksh what you want…in fact its the senior inspector talking to her.Yug meets her up and asks wat’s the matter..Amrit says remember that CCTV

footage ..its all there that i killed him..Yug tells Amrit are you crazy to keep that footage..Amrit says i’m not like you..i think for the future..i will keep the footage where Rudraksh has a pistol in his hand pointing it at me…i will say i killed him for my self defense.i will erase the rest of the footage..Amrit tells him i kept the CD in my room in my wardrobe safe..Tej asks Agam to go and get it..Yug says its not safe and he to goes to search for the CD..

Tej stopped Amrit from going upstairs and the senior inspector kept her busy in talks..Agam manages to open the wardrobe but cant open the safe as its a coded one..he says i must think like Amrit..he remembers Amrit words keep your friend close but your enemy closer..he says Amrit closest enemy is Nimrit..he puts Nimrit birthday D.M.Y..he succeeds in opening it and gets the CD out..Yug arrives and tries to stop Agam from taking it away..both fight and comes in the hall..everyone stunned and Agam says you all must be thinking Amrit is mourning Rudraksh but i will show her true face to you all..she is shocked..Tej puts on the CD and everyone shocked to see in live Amrit killing Rudraksh everything till she puts the pistol in Nimrit’s hand..she throws the garland away and shouts its all false..Rudraksh is alive..Agam says he wont come and is dead.Tej reveals to her how he manipulated the voice and she thought it was Rudraksh..The senior inspector tells Amrit she is under arrest..As usual Amrit picks up the gun so easily from the police and asks Yug to get the car ready..she escapes from the palace..Tej tries to stop her but she shoots at him and he is hurt..Tej tells Agam to go and stop Amrit..he asks his father to take Tej to hospital..

The petrol over and the car cant move forward..Agam arrives and tells Amrit you cant escape i will find you in any corner of the world..she points the pistol at him saying she will shoot him..Agam says i dont care..Yug fighting with Agam ..Amrit still pointing the pistol to shoot..Agam tries to snatch it from her ,,Amrit..Yug tries to stop him and the bullet is shot..Amrit ..Yug shocked and their hands full of blood..Finally Agam is shown with his hands full of blood..

Voiceover says after that dark night..Amrit..Nimrit.Agam.Tej..Shivangi..Yug life has changed.its like the clock has stopped but time cant stop it keeps moving..7 years has passed..The palace is shown..Babli is there and Nimrit voice saying 7 years has passed but nothing is changed here though so many things has changed in my life..Papaji has bought the palace and my whole family stays here for the past 4 years…its no more a palace now but a house..nothing has changed in this house..i have so many memories in this these 7 years my life is turning around my hotel business and my little angel..she is my life and the blessing of Babaji..just then Nimrit hears broken glass sound and a little girl dressed same like Amrit while doing horse riding scolding a housekeeper..she suspends him from his job for pouring juice on her shoes..Nimrit is perplexed to see all this..she follows her in her room and she is throwing everything on the floor..Nimrit tells her is this a manner to talk to elders.i did not like it at all..she gets the medecines box and says Mama i dont do anything without a you know when i went in the kitchen last night he was shivering with cold.he has fever for the last 2 days but will keep working..thats why i plan this least with my scolding he will not work and take rest…i did the right thing mama..Nimrit hugs her and she says he too has a family ..he should take care of his health..Nimrit is in tears and she says OMG mama dont cry or else i will tell it to Dada…she wipes her tears..Nimrit says to the viewers .have you seen..she is my everything ..she has the attitude of Amrit but the same heart as mine and Agamji..our daughter..Epi ends..

Precap both girls running downstairs shouting Dada has come..someone coming out of the car ..oh for a moment i thought it was Agam..its Tej and both girls hug him..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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