Amrit Manthan 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 4th February 2013 Written Update

Episode opens with Agam getting worried and Tej enquiring about his worried look.
Agam says that he is worried about Nimrit and Gurbani if something happen to them and Tej consoles saying nothing will happen to them and they will be fine.
Nimrit gets concerned when Agam does not return home late in the night.She calls and enquires about him and he says that he was busy with work and couldn’t call her.
Agam tells her to take rest as it will take some more time to wrap up the work and not to worry about him.Nimrit says that she can’t sleep without him as she misses him. Agam asks her to open the window and pick a star from the sky.Nimrit picks one big star out of the lot and Agam says that whenever they are far and misses each other they will talk with each other thru

this star
(this is all hinting towards upcoming seperation and what we might see in future..AgNi talking to Star ..Oh boy ).Nimrit thanks Agam for showing a way to not miss each other as she was worried how she will live when she leaves to some holy place I believe ( I couldn’t get the name)Agam says after she retuns he will never leave her and it is only matter of few days that they have to leave without each other.

Scene Shifts To Yug and Amrit
Amrit is surprsied and says how can Rudraksh be alive. Yug says that Rudraksh is a dangerous person and he must have back fired our plan. Phone rings and Amrit lifts the phone and it is Tej and Agam on the other end.
Tej asks her to arrange a fund raising party in the palace and Yug and Amrit should be present there as well ( Amrit doesn’t know it is Tej)
She declines and Tej says that it is not a request and it is a order and says that if they don’t attend the party, they will hand over the evidence to cop and she will be in Jail once again for attempting murder and Rudraksh won’t be there to save her this time.
Amrit replies that they made a foolproof plan this time and that he is lying about him having evidence.Tej says that she can live in isslusion and they will hadover the evidence to Senior inspector and she can wait and watch and hangs up the phone.
Tej tells Agam that all his worries will be come to an end tomorrow at the party and Agam requests Tej not to tell Nimrit about this plan .
Yug and Amrit thinks about arranging the party as they have no other choice now

Scene at Agamji’s house
Nimrit sleeping and Agam comes over and sits at the bed staring.
Nimrit wakes up and asks Agam when he came and why he didn’t wake her up?
Agam says how could he wake her up as she was sleeping so beautifully.
Nimrit says that Gurbani didn’t allow her to sleep all night and kept enwuiring when his papa gonna come and she is very angry at her papa. Agam says that her daughter cannot be angry with him for long and even if she is angry he will pacify her in a jiff.
Agam talks to his daughter to forgive her and tells Nimrit that Gurbani forgave him.
Nimirt says that his daughter did not forgive him but instead asking him what was that work which was so urgent that he was not at home the whole night as they are going to some holy place today. Agam says that he went so that both Mom and daughter can stay safe together
Nimrit says that it would have been nice if Agam came over along with them and Agam says that this will be the last time that they will not be together but once they return they all wil be together forever and it’s his promise
BG Veerjaara song plays with AgNi hugging each other

Scene at police station next day.

Tej, Agam and Mahi discusses about how they have to get a strong evidence that can trap Amrit. Tej remembers the dinner night when Rudraksh was killed and says what could be the reason behind her invite them to dinner party when she could murder Ruraksh silently. Agam says it could be because they can play strong witness and intentionally shot herself .
Cop comes inside and says that he was thinking the same and he got a solid proof in his investigation. Cop says that Amrit bribed one of his inspector and she gave him huge amount to hide stong evidences and he hands over the evidence to Agam and Tej which are Nakli bullets.
Tej says the gun had real bullets and who could have put them in the gun to which Mahi replies Amrit might have to which Tej says that means Rudraksh already knows the plan.
Inspector says that there are so many unanswered questions in everybody’s minds and they should find them in todays party

Scene at AgamJi’s home
Agam gets Nimrit’s bag as she is ready to leave and Nimrit asks him to take care of himself and sleep and eat on time.Sunitha comes and asks her to read something from the holy book before she leaves. Mahi Asks Sunitha to explain what is written as it s getting late.Sunitha summarizes it’s meaning and says “To forget past and start a new journey” ( Are Cv’s hinting us to get ready for the leap )
Agam agrees and asks Nimrit that they sould forget all the bad past and look forward for the new beginning

PRECAP : Gurbani and Jyothi asking lift as they are getting late to school and it happens to be Amrit’s car.
Amrit gives lift to the lil kiddos.

Update Credit to: Saina

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