Amrit Manthan 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 2nd May 2013 Written Update

The start of the Epi was just well picturised by the creatives esp Agam reaction on knowing Nimrit is his wife he loves the most in this world..

Agam finally gets back his memory..he looks so lovingly at Nimrit pics in the album and calls her name Nimritji..Emotional and in tears Agam tells vishal.Doctor Nimritji my wife.i remember my past now..she is my love everything and put the album close to his heart..he gets flashback of his moments with he brought bangles for her..their talk about their Baby..Nimrit saying sorry to him..then how Nimrit nearly fell on the stairs..Agam then remembers everything how Yugam had a fight with him..Amrit shot him and threw him in water..Agam pull off the bedsheet on him and steps out of bed..he tells vishal i must go to

my Nimritji ..vishal stopped him but Agam says i cant wait i must go now..on vishal asking Agam relates to him its Amrit who shot him..restless and full of anger he vows to destroy Amrit..

Amrit house..

Amrit wakes up with a bad hangover..Bani brings juice for her and she complains of headache.Bani tells her its because you did not had dinner last night..Amrit drinks the juice and Nimrit tells her she will apply oil on her head for headache..Amrit tells rajamma/Nimrit that you know why i like you..its because you dont judge me like other accept me as i am and you correct my mistakes in a very sweet are not like my family who hates me..Nimrit asks her about her family..Amrit says i had a father who lost all his royalty..A mother who has a very simple thinking and a sister then stop…Nimrit tells her your sister meaning Bani’s mother..Yes and i hate her the most..Nimrit feels hurt ..Amrit relates their childhood how much she cared for Nimrit ..she continues but that same woman snatched the one whom i wanted so much..i hate her…Nimrit hurt but tells her it means the more you hate her ,you love her same..Amrit says what rubbish..the love we shared in childhood is over i just hate her and you know what her daughter is with me and she will never ever get her back..Bani is a part of my heart.Nimrit replies Your sister daughter is a part of your heart but she is a part of your sister..the love you want to give to your sister you are showering it on her daughter…Amrit totally perplexed by her words and Nimrit leaves from there..


Agam relates more about how Amrit brainwashed him against Nimrit..he is full of guilt of how much on her say he has hurt Nimrit.his wife who only was living for him..who still loves him..she had recognised me embracing me but i’m the unfortunate one to hide my identity to her saying i’m not her Agam.. Amrit had made me hit my brother..Agam in anger hurt himself and Vishal calls the nurse..Agam says i wont spare Amrit..i will return to Amritgarh..the nurse listening to their convo while doing the dressing on his hand..Vishal seeing Agam so angry he tells him you wont do anything to Amrit.. Agam stands up and says why..Vishal replies Agam you are my brother and you are the most important for me.just listen to me there is a reason for you to not do anything to Amrit..Agam says wat’s the reason..vishal replies your daughter Gurbani…Agam shocked to hear this..Vishal continues i have heard Amrit is the only one who can save your daughter..Agam insists to know what has happenned to Bani..vishal says she has cancer.Agam numb hearing this and says my child has cancer..vishal tells Agam she has leukemia and for this she needs Bonemarrow and its only Amrit one that matches with your daughter..

Amrit house..

Amrit says goodbye to the girls as she is going for a business meeting..Nimrit asks her to not worry and she has kept her Tiffin on the table..Yug comes home and sees the wine bottle..Nimrit relates to him what happened last night..Amrit is shown not getting any positive response for her business project..for once it was good to see Amrit the princess not getting anything easily..As she forgot her Tiffin at home Bani asks her mom to go and give it to her..i dont why these two looking after Amrit like a baby..its so unrealistic this so much of care and goodness towards Amrit..just my Pov as its hard for me to digest all this..

The nurse phones the mask guy and tells him there is a good news and Bad news..Good news Agam has got back his memory and Bad news he is not coming to Amritgargh as he is looking for another Donor for his may takes him days or weeks..The guy says Agam likes to destroy other people life ..i know how to get him back to india..

Amrit disappointed as she is not succeeding walking on the right path..she tells Nimrit with a click of a finger i can make million by wrong all is so difficult ..i dont know how Nimrit manages to run her business with hardwork and on top takes care of the kids as if she has ten hands.thats why the kids loves her so much..Nimrit listens to her and replies you know in bad there is always some goodness..this is why you poured your heart feeling for your can ask her some trick how to manage both..Nimrit says you are taking care of the kids well and you will get a positive response..Amrit says i can do it and i’m not the one to accept defeat..

Precap..Bani with a smile opening the door saying mama but shocked to see the mask guy..he abducts Bani and sunitaji calls Nimrit saying someone has kidnap Bani..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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