Amrit Manthan 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 29th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with karan entering the house , he asked the guard to look if some one is in house , Nimrit was doing drawing and TejAm was sittting with her .. Nimrit’s color fall down
while Tej was coming to pick them , amrit hold his hand and said no nimrit will pick it up . Amrit asked Nimrit to pick them up ..

The guard comes to Tej and told him that some one has come , so he went outside , he was talking wit karan , and the other guard informed Tej that he is the oly one who has saved nimrit that night , karan introduce himself as Angad Hasija .

Yug comes to the palace , he asks tej where is Amrit , he told that Amrit is inside the palace , Yug said hye to Karan and introduced himself , Karan was about to tell his name ka .. when he said Angad , Yug said you was about

to say any else name ! so he said no

Yug went inside the palace and asked amrit to come with her , he wants to talk to her , amrit and nimrit were playing with ball , nimrit insists amrit not to go while amrit asked nimrit to sit on sofa and counts till 100 and then amrit will come and amrit also asked her not to move from here ..

Karan was seeing whole outside of the palace , he went to see fuse , and he turned a wire
which results in palace jhoomar to get fire in it , Tej asked him to be careful , nimrit saw the fire .. She doesn’t ran as she promised her sister ..

Tej went to take the keys of the gate , while Karan heard nimrit calling amrit , he went and saw the fire , first he stares at nimrit and when it was about to fall , he took nimrit and both get fallen on the floor .

Tej comes and everyone also comes , then amrit comes to nimrit and hug her and said how did it happens , so she said that amrit di i was not breaking ur promise but this uncle caught me and we both fell here …

Everyone thanked Karan and then he leave . The servants were picking up the glass and then amrit comes to Tej and said how did it happen tej said may be because the wire were toucked by Angad’s hand .. Amrit said but why he wants to see these things . tej said not to see him under for doing this all ..

Yug comes , Mahi Ji said why are you here , so everyone insists him to keep Yug in the house and he agrees , then it was night ..

BaJo and Nimrit were sitting in the room and talking about the incident , while the earth quake comes , every one got shocked and then tej went to see the kids , while amrit and yug were in room , yug asked amrit to hid under the bed but amrit ran saying she’ll look after the kids .. and nimrit ..

Both tej and amrit went together , amrit was about to fell when Tej holds her , and amrit thanked her .. The kids and nimrit were in room the cupboard was about to fall , amrit and Tej entered and amrit stares …

( the episode ends )

Precap : Karan asks tej he is looking for a house , tej offered him to stay at the palace , the servant was getting karan’s things up when his luggage opens and the things were out there were pistols and knife in it , amrit was shocked , nimrit hold those up and said what are these . Karan was afraid ..

Update Credit to: Mehak

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