Amrit Manthan 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 29th January 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with a crowd gathering at Agam’s house ..Tej tells his uncle Mahi that better they stay in the house ..they can be harmful ..Mahi tells him what about Nimrit ..she has gone to see Agam in jail…the crowd burns Agam effigie and Amrit all smile watching from her car.Nimrit arrives and shocked to see the crowd insulting Agam calling him a criminal..some ladies confronts Nimrit calling her a murderer’s wife..Nimrit defends Agam and not to judge him yet when they dont know the truth…they try to harm Nimrit but Tej..Mahi come to her rescue getting hurt…Nimrit falls down and Mahi tells them not to hurt my D-I-L as she is pregnant..Amrit hears it all and gives a smirk…

Nimrit is shellshocked to see Tej hurt and also her father in law..she goes outside when Amrit comes there..she opens a sweet box saying you did not tell me the good news that i’m becoming a i’m congratulating myself and eat a sweet..she taunts Nimrit a lot and tells her only one solution is there for all your problem..Divorce Agam…Dont you want to see him free..Nimrit head spinning with all Amrit words.Amrit constantly asking her yes or No.yes or No..Finally Nimrit says yes i will divorce Agam…Nimrit tells Amrit you have won…Amrit says at last you have come to your sense and gives her the divorce papers…she asks her to sign first then to take Agam signature.Nimrit tells Amrit what you have as proof for Agam being innocent..Amrit shows Nimrit a clip on her cell phone..Rudraksh in drunk state confessing he is commiting suicide as he is fed up with his life..Nimrit is shocked and tells her Rudraksh never wanted to commit you got his confession..Amrit replies thats the smartness of princess Amrit..she goes from there and asks Nimrit to remember her promise..

in the car Amrit with her evil laugh getting flashback how she took this confession of Rudraksh..she planned it all months ago..Rudraksh drunk telling Amrit he knows acting and had taken part in devdas..Amrit tells him just think i’m your paro and you are losing me for ever..Thats how Rudraksh enacts devdas role saying he will commit suicide etc..Amrit gets it all on her cellphone..

Nimrit in her room saying Amrit has played a game and once more i got trapped in it..this time its about the safety of my Agam and family.i will clear Agam from this murder case at any cost…Nimrit says i wont be able to live without Agam can my wish and Amrit shart ..condition can both be fulfilled.she is restless when her hand touches the Durga Ma locket.she says MA…The Durga Ma mantra in the BG and Nimrit hears same speech of Matarani to her.never think i’m not listening to your prayer..that i’m not with every era there is a warrior who took birth to end evilness…For Ravan end Ram took birth.For kans ..krishna.take inspiration from them and take a vow that Amrit destruction its Nimrit who will do it..i’m always with my devotee .if you feel weak just remember me i will be close to all your your breath and soul..Nimrit confidently says this time i do know what to do Amrit…

Shivangi all scared comes in and tells Tej a more bigger crowd is coming towards the there a law how can people do crowd gathering like this..anyways no logic.Mahi asks Tej to close the windows and he will close the door..he tells Nimrit not to worry everything will be fine..she replies its time to make things right..Mahi replies what you will do..Nimrit says i will divorce Agam..all present there is shocked..Nimrit gives mahi the papers and asks him to get Agam signature and goes from there..outside Amrit calls her asking if she has signed the papers..Nimrit replies yes but dont forget your promise..Amrit calls the lawyer to disperse the crowd and Agam may be proved innocent ..Agam is back home and shocked to see Nimrit signature on the divorce papers..he says i wont believe this ..she must be doing this with someone pressure..i wont divorce Nimrit..mahi says very good my son..nimrit could not face me to say this thats why he gave you this paper..outside Nimrit all emotional hearing Agam talks…Amrit tells her dont be emotional go and get his sign…Agam tells his father Agam..Nimrit can separate..its God wish..after so much pain we are back together..Nimrit comes in and says but i want a divorce from you..Epi ends on Nimrit face..

Precap…Nimrit in a dizzystate..Agam giving her water to drink..she refuses and tells Agam i wont drink anything until you dont sign these papers..Agam had his hand on Nimrit shoulder…camera is zoomed on Nimrit hand ..she put a piece of paper in Agam’s hand and mouthed something to him..Agam says a yes with his head …

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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