Amrit Manthan 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 28th May 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Amrit giving a good lecture to Tej..the in laws of Nimrit..she asked all the mental Asylum people to get out of the palace..she says her sister is not mad ..Tej replies that Nimrit will get the necessary care there..Amrit says from now on she will take care of Amrit ..24 hrs she will be by her side..Tej tells her she was going to USA..Amrit tears up the flight ticket and says she will stay here with her sister.. she will make Nimrit Normal and bring back the mother of these children..from now she will the mother of Nimrit..Bani..jojo…the nurse adamant Nimrit needs a mental Asylum but Amrit shuts her up and gives her money.she asks her to get out..When she is gone Amrit tells Nimrit not to be scared as all bad people has gone away..She tells Bani..jojo i told you my Amrit Di

is strong and hugs her saying i love you Amrit Di..Amrit too says same ..all four in a hug and Tej looks on with a perplexed expression..

Amrit feeding Nimrit and she is relating to her how she was scared and thirsty..she was also very hungry the good uncle fought with the bad people..Amrit tells Nimrit to promise not to go on the terrace and also not out of the palace..Nimrit promises that she will do as she says and Tej watching them from the door..Nimrit feeling sleepy and wants to sleep in the girls room..Amrit tells her to sleep in her room and she will ask both girls to come here..Amrit taking the platter away when Tej puts his hand forward and holds the platter..they stare at each other and Amrit says thanks to him..later on Tej helping Amrit in the room..he tells Amrit he has opened the guest room for her to stay..Morning they will discuss about how they will share the work..Amrit senses Tej wants to say something more ..She asks him if there is anything and Tej replies yes i want to say sorry and thank you to you..sorry for misunderstanding you and Thank you for everything..Amrit replies you dont have to say sorry..i have done so much sins towards you all and its my redemption now..Tej asks her to forget the past..Amrit replies in the past there is some good thing to remember like Agam..Nimrit love..Deep as the ocean ..Amrit says Nimrit a princess ..educated and Tej says Bullet so simple and different upbringing..Amrit replies if in destiny one has to meet it happens..Do dil ek jaan..somehow both were promoting the new show which will be on air on 3rd june..Do dil ek jaan..

Its morning and Amrit hanging up on the wall their Mom..Dad photoframe..she asks Nimrit to open her eyes..Nimrit says Mom..Dad..she asks Amrit but you said Mom is in hemkund..Amrit replies Mom is with Dad very far away..Nimrit asks her when their Mom will be back and she replies never as they are in God’s place..Amrit goes in flashback how she illtreated her mother..she is in tears and says she is bad..Nimrit prays to her parents to forgive Amrit as she is a very good sister..the family having breakfast and Mahiji gets a phone call from hospital for Bani’s check up..Nimrit feels sad as both girls going and with whom she will play..Amrit says i will stay with you and asks her what she wants to do..she says drawing.Alone in the hall doing her drawing when one of her drawing paper is blown away on the floor..picking it up she comes face to face with Tej.she gets scared and shouting for Amrit who went to get her juice..she hides behind the couch and Tej tells her she wont take her anywhere..Amrit comes there and explains to Nimrit that Tej is sent by their parent to take care of her..Nimrit replies both of us and Amrit says yes both of us and he will protect us …She asks Nimrit to shake hand with Tej as he is a friend..Nimrit puts Amrit hand in Tej’s one and hold both their hands in hers..She starts making drawing of all three as they are friends..Tejam feeling awkward and finally Amrit takes her hand was a nice moment of all three and the awkwardness of Tejam so visible..seems indirectly Nimrit bringing Tejam closer…

Karan mother angry with the nurse for not being able to do her job..she gets emotional with the red saree of her she could not fulfill her dream of being a bride just because of Nimrit..the nurse says but Nimrit is not like this to hurt people..Indu replies you know better than me..she killed my daughter and now she has to die..the nurse says but you wanted her to get well first so as she remembers her sins..indu replies i have no patience now ..same as Agam my mind told me to kill him and he died and now its Nimrit turn..My son will take his sister’s revenge ..he is here with another identity and Karan is shown at the gate of the palace..indu continues he will get revenge from Nimrit..Ends on Karan face looking at the palace..

Precap indu happy her son on his first attempt to kill Nimrit..Karan is shown doing something with fuse…

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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