Amrit Manthan 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 28th January 2013 Written Update

Episode opens with Sunitha JI (Agam’s mom) convincing Agam’s father to give money to bail out Agam. Agam’s dad in his own crooked self keep saying that money is important to him and that he won’t spend a penny. Sunitha ji threatens to leave the house if he doesn’t help Agam and asks him to choose between Money and his family and he chooses Money
Sunitha leaves and Nimrit questions Mahi ji on how he can do this to his wife who always was a perfect patrner , who shared his sorrows and happiness and how he could just let her go like that.
Nimrit also says that he never fulfilled his fathers responsibilities toward Agam and may be the grand daughter or grandson will also live the same life without the support and family
Mahi looks shocked and asks what Nimrit is saying and she says that she is becoming a mother
and says how the grandkid can be their support in their old days. Mahi ji gets emotional hearing Nimrit talk about his grand kid
Scene shifts to Jail
The cop tells Agam that they are shifting his case to Delhi court and Agam gets shocked and questions how this happened and if his family know this.
Amrit enters and says that she informed his family so they can witness him go far from them and
She also keeps taunting him how he has habit of scarificing for his love.
Agam replies angrily how can a woman like her know what True love is and what it’s strength is?
Police takes Agam and at the same time Nimrit steps insde and stops police from taking him.
She says that she has the cancellation papers ready along with the deposit amount
Amrit looks shocked and asks let me also see the amount and who could have give her such huge amount. Mahi comes in and says Agam’s dad has given the money .
Agam looks surprised that his dad helped him out and Mahi says to Agam not to worry and
he will take him out from here and they both hug. Nimrit gets happy seeing this.
Mahi also threatens Amrit to do whatever she wants and she can’t break their family.
Amrit leaves in anger.
Police take back Agam to Jail and Nimrit requests police to let Agam talk to his parents and the cop agrees. Sunitha ji stops and says that Nimrit should meet Agam first. Nimrit goes to the cell and Agam all happy and asks Nimirt how this miracle happened and how his father agreed to give money? Nimrit jokingly says that somebody gave Mahi a sweet slap and thats when he agreed to which Agam ji asks who slapped and Nimrit says she is not sure if it is his grand daughter or grandson
Agam is surprised and becomes so happy that he is gonna be a papa Nimrit gets teary eyed and he says that he should be happy so their kid will be happy too.He then sits down and puts his head near Nimrit’s belly and talks to his kid addressing him chote.
He says that he promised his mom that he will be the world’s best father but he asks him to forgive as he cannot take care of him well but says that he should be worlds best baby and
take care of his mother and tells Nimrit that she now has to be mother and father
of the baby but Nimrit tells him that he will always be the father and they both
will bring up their baby togather…AgNi gets emotional and happy and The BG music plays (.(Aww it was an adorale moment of AgNi)
Nimrit comes out and Amrit meets her outside.Amrits asks Nimrit not to fly high and there is still long battle ahead and she has the key to the victory and Nimrit should know what to do
Nimrit asks Amrit to keep her advice to herself as she is not going to divorce Agam
and she will release Agam at any cost and whole family is with her.
Amrit says that Mahi might have given once but he will not help her always as he is money minded and miser and Mahi comes and says that he realized late about his family but will be with them and help them always.
Amrit threatens Mahi that this is a court case and he will have to spend lot of money
to which Mahi asks Amrit to try and change herself and she will also be happy.Everybody leaves and Amrit stands shocked and fuming with anger
Scene shifts to Agam’s home:
Mahi dreams about his grand kids and happily tells Sunitha and Nimrit that he wishes for twins so Sunitha and him don’t have to fight for their turnto play with their grand kids and he also asks Sunitha for forgiveness as he always tortured her but she never complained and they hug.
Amrit at the palace cries in front of villagers and says that Mahi is helping his son Agam who murdered Rudra and asks how they can let that happen .Villagers get excited seeing her crocodile tears and says that they will fight for justice.
Amrit says that they will get justice but what about the family that tortured Rudra and the villagers
say that they will not spare Agam’s family and destruct them.
Nimrit comes to the cell with food to meet Agam .Agam asks why she took auch a pain to visit him to which she says that their kid wants his father to eat home food and Agam says then their baby is also stubborn like mother
Nimrit says how Mahi is happy about their kid and how he named them Arnav and Gurbani.Agam says Twins and says that he needs two girls and he will the call the other baby girl
Jyothi as his father already name one girl Gurbani. (Another sweet AgNi Moment)
Cop comes and interrupts their sweet moment and requests Nimrit to leave the cell
as there are lot of protests going on because of Agam. He requests Nimrit to go home as she and her family is in trouble . Nimrit tries to deny but Agam requests her to go home and not to invite any trouble.

Precap: Mahi convincing Nimrit that nothing bad happens and Nimrit saying that they should set everything straight and she signed divorce papers and he should make Agam also sign the

Update Credit to: Saina

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