Amrit Manthan 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 27th May 2013 Written Update

Episode opens with Yugam bidding farewell to BanJo but gets emotional as the kids don’t want her to go but Yug convinces Amrit to go to Delhi for her Visa.Nimrit in the van says to Tingu that she wants to go home. Van breaks down and everyone gets down to see what happened. Nimrit says to Tingu that everyone went to their home and they should also go and leaves the van.Tej gets a call saying Nimrit escaped. He rushes to search for her.
Yug excited that they will be going to NY tells Amrit how they can lead a peaceful life. (How did Amrit even think about going if she really cared?). Nimrit who escaped is running in the area where Yugam parked their car. when getting into the car , Amrit senses Nimrit’s presence and tries to search for her. Yug tells that Nimrit is in Asylum

and she is unnecessarily worrying about her. Amrit thinks the same and gets into the car and goes with Yug.
Nimrit who sees Amrit thanks God for sending Amrit Di and keeps running after the car yelling her name.Nimrit who is hungry sees a banana vendor and asks him 2 Bananas one for her and one for Tingu. The guy asks if she has money and when she says no he shoos her away.
Yug tells Amrit that dinner is ready. Amrit tells the she wants to meet Nimrit before she leaves. She makes him call Mahiji and Mahiji tells Yug that Nimrit escaped .Yug lies to Amrit and says that Nimrit is doing fine and the family members are not allowed to see her yet . Amrit feels relieved that Nimrit is settled in the Asylum (Hope Amrit Kicks him out of her life once she finds the truth )
Nimrit wandering with Tingu and is tired and hungry and reaches a Dhaba. She sits at the dhaba staring at the food people are eating. Some goondas recognize her as Malik’s bahu and think that they can snatch her jewellery. One goonda comes and asks Nimrit what she is doing and she says she is hungry but no money. They guy asks her to give her bangle and he will give her food. Nimrit gives him her gold bangle and he gives her food.He says he will give her kheer and asks her to give her earrings. Nimrit denies and all the 4 or 5 goondas try to take her jewellery from her. Nimrit tries to fight with goondas but can’t. A car with screeching sounds comes and stands
in front of them with headlights On. The goondas asks him who he is and he says “Tera Baap”
It is Angad’s entry to the show . He single handedly fights with all the goondas and saves Nimrit from them.Nimrit runs from the scene and he stops her . Nimrit says that she has to go to her home.He asks where her home is and she replies that the big palace is her home.
Yugam going in a car and Yug all excited to go to America.He promises Amrit that he keeps her happy (oh really, first stop lying then). The car passes through the same asylum where Nimrit is believed to be kept and Amrit asks the driver to stop the car.Yug gets tensed and tries to stop her from going. Amrit wouldn’t listen and goes inside and the nurse says that Nimrit never made it to the asylum and Amrit is shocked to hear this.

Nimrit at palace with Mahi and Sunithaji and Tej comes asking where they found her as he was searching for her the whole night . Sunitha ji says some guy came and dropped her. Tej asks why Nimrit isn’t resting in her room and Nimrit says that she is waiting for her Amrit Di.
Tej says that her Amrit di went very far to America. Nimrit doesn’t listen and keep searching for her di . She sees the nurse coming with the asylum staff and pretty much try to chain her (Gosh what’s wrong with Malik parivar ..I am so pissed off with Tej , the jerk is just staring at the staff chaining Nimrit inspite of the kids begging him to save their mom from them.
Amrit comes and stops the nurse and says that Nimrit isn’t going anywhere and gives a warning look to the nurse

Precap: Indu tells somebody that her daughter is killed by Nimrit and her son Karan (Angad) will take revenge of his sister’s life from Nimrit

Update Credit to: Saina

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