Amrit Manthan 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 26th February 2013 Written Update

Ok friends seems its time to bear Amrit once again..she is back with her dirty game to get us a headache..same repeated dialogues..Agam..Nimrit cant get together ..princess Amrit cant lose ..its impossible etc etc.. ..

Leap came up and thought no more Amrit hatred or venom pouring from her mouth for Agni ..too bad creatives are back with same repeated scenario as again and again Amrit vowing to destroy Nimrit happiness..

The amazing thing Amrit always gets lucky to get her plan in action..tell me about it..

Ok enough my rant as i was disappointed with this Epi first time after leap..really why not something new ..why same thing ..Amrit revenge..

Epi starts with Agam staring at Amrit..Yug threatens him with his punch ..not to dare touch her or else .we can

see here Yug is total crazy about Amrit.his obssesion has started to be visible for Amrit..Agam tells him you will hit me .do so as i have raised my hand on a woman.i’m disgusted with myself..he asked for apology to Amrit and touching Yug feet saying uncle you too forgive me..ok it was hilarious this scene.. Agam calling Yug uncle….Agam walks towards his car and Amrit happy his memory is not back..Agam looks back at them and she gets scared again..he walks back to her and says this face..there is something in this face and Amrit totally scared..then Agam says leave it and drives away with his car..Amrit tells Yug good he has not got his memory..Yug says dont be so happy ..seeing your face he can get back his memory..better we leave from here..

Amrit all hyper how Agam is alive and blabbering same thing dont want Nimrit to get her happiness back.. how can i fail in my revenge to her..Yug tells her Agam has lost his memory and separated from Nimrit..She too must be paining for you got your i’m taking the decision for both of us ..leaving from here before Agam gets his memory back..

Nimrit comes in the kids room watching them sleeping ..Bani senses her presence and asks her if she is not feeling sleepy..Nimrit nods yes..Bani says no worry sleep by my side and does same gesture as Agam..lightly brushing Nimrit head for her to sleep..Nimrit in tears kisses her hand..Bani asks her if she is missing Daada.she wipes her tears..she so innocently tells her when husband dont take care of his wife , she should be angry with him .Nimrit asks her how you know this..she replies they show in TV serials love story ..jojo told me about too should be angry with Daada but dont be too angry with him as he is alone .he works so much..same as Agam she gives light tap on her mom shoulder to finally both falling asleep..its so heart touching to see Bani having Agam’s caring quality in her..he too was so caring towards Nimrit..

A lady asks for jyothi’s mom to invite both girls for a pyjama party and sleepover..jyothi replies Nimrit is my if the in laws were not enough the lady praising Tej..Nimrit as good parents as their kids too have such good manners..Nimrit embarrassed and Tej as usual dumb in such situation..this guy never raise his voice where it should be..Turning around it was so irritating..sunita.Nirmal eyeing Nimrit like an owl..she sternly looks at them and took her bag saying she has work in office,,good Nimrit show your disapproval not be like Tej..

Nimrit.Tej missing the girls sending them lots of messages on their cells and same for them missing both as they return back home ..Babli prays that noone puts an evil eye on Nimrit’s happiness..too bad Babli Amrit already planning it..

Vishal doing tantrums as Amrit not receiving his call..wish you know whom you are falling for vishal..a burai ki murat as per our angel jojo…Agam comes in and tells vishal why you are pouring your anger for me on your cell ..i asked for forgiveness already and now you should go and pacify her personally. .go and tell her your heart feeling..Tsk Tsk Agam you are throwing your Bro in the evil hand..

Amrit tells vishal she is leaving for culcutta..vishal pleads her to stay and to live in his house..Agam thanks Amrit for accepting to stay or else he would have feel guilty..someone comes with a file..NImrit da Dhaba for vishal..he gives it to Agam to look after this project..creative mind Agam dont look at the file’s name and put it aside….Agam attends a call and vishal left to look after the arrangement for the guest room..Yug tells Amrit we should escape from here..he is terrified if Agam seeing Amrit face can get back his memory..both about to leave and voila thanks to creative Amrit gets to see Nimrit project file first..she decides to stay here now as Agam looking after this project..she has to do something to ruin Nimrit..first i should know wat’s happening in Nimrit’s life..Yug not at all on same thinking line as her but Amrit tells him you will help me in destroying Nimrit..

precap Amrit tells yug i should call and see wat’s on Nimrit’s side..she calls the palace and shocked to hear Nimrit’s voice..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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