Amrit Manthan 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 25th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Agam and Yugam seeing each other. Yugam gets shocked seeing Agam and Agam keeps walking towards her angrily and tries to strangle her .Vishal tries to stop him but Agam keeps strangling her and in the process falls unconsious.
Yug asks Anthony to call doctor and takes Agam in a room..Amrit is shocked that Agam is alive.
Vishal apolozises to Amrit and says that he was living with Agam for several years but never
behaved liked this and especally with ladies. Amrit is surprised that Vishal knows Agam’s name.
Yug tells them that he lost his memory and meanwhile doctor comes and Vishal takes him to Agam’s room.
Yugam thinks that Agam could have regained his memory on seeing them and can file a case
aganst them as an “attempt to

murder” case. Yug tells Amrit that they should run from here as they got the money but Amrit stops and says that they should leave only after she knows if Agam has regained his memory or if he just got an attack ( I mean seriously Amrit ?)
Scene shifts to Amritgarh where kids go and meet their grandparents and tell how they had fun in Mumbai. Nimrit takes her inlaws inside and asks how they can think of the impossible.
Tej tries to convince tej’s mom and Agam’s mom that they are very good friends who support each other and take care of their parents and it is working well .Tej’s mom says that whatever they are doing is similar to what a married couple does and Nimrit says that friendship has a limitation and they can never cross the limits of their friendship.Sunithaji says that she knows the incident of Bani missing and that Bani is becoming mad in search of her father who isn’t there. They tell Nimrit that she should tell Bani about her father’s death and Marry Tej as he will fill the void of her father’s loss . ( By the way , where was Tej’s mom all these days ?? she suddenly came and started worrying about her son and grandkids )
Scene shifts to Vishal’s house. Yug tells Amrit that they are in danger if Agam gets his memory back. Amrit disagrees and says what if Agam is alive and his memory is not back ? ( Is she nuts ) Yug scolds her that she has gone mad and tells her that they need to leave and when both start to leave Vishal comes and enquires where they are leaving?
Yug says Amrit is not feeling well and Vishal says that he wil not allow them to leave until the doctor checks Amrit. Amrit says that she is fine but Visal says the he is already feeling guilty of what happened and they should listen to him and get checked by doctor.
In Amritgarh, all the 3 elders tries to convince Nimrit about marrying Tej as Bani might hate her if she knows the truth about her father as Nimrit broke her trust.They say that Bani needs to get a father who loves her the most and who bani can also accept as her father and Tej can only be that person.Nimrit helpless cries ( I actually applaud Agam’s parents concern for their daughter in law . For them to think this way is right from their POV as they think their son is dead and wish happiness for their daughter in law and grandkid and they personally know Tej as well.
But as viewers we hate this thought as we know that Agam is alive.)

Anthony brings Amrit to Agam room and asks her to sit there as doctor will check her once he is done with Agam. Amrit looks at Agam and thinks about the night when they killed Agam and says that how could princess Amrit loose ( Seriously, she is obsessed with princess attitude…Can someone please remind her that princess don’t Con people and steal suitcases )
She tells Yug that Agam is alive which means he could get his memory back and can return to Nimrit anytime and Nimrit will get all the happiness back . Yug says that she is going in wrong track again and reminds her that if Agam gets his memory back they will be back in jail and asks her to think about herself and not Nimrit. ( Yug has some sense)
Doctor says to Amrit that the patient had a deep trauma which affected his nervous system and he is not sure how he will react after he gets conscious. Amrit asks what does that mean
and the doctor says that Agam either might have got his memory back or his brain might have permanent damaged. Vishal asks Amrit if she knows Agam before and she denies. Doctor says that Amrit can be used to get Agam’s memory back .Vishal says that he wishes Agam gets his memory back and knows his identity.
At Amritgar, BanJo ( Bani and Jo ) places the Ganesha idol in the pooja room in front of vaheguru. Bani asks if the two gods are listening to them and their wish is to keep their Angel Uncle happy always. Nimrit holds photo of Agam cries recollecting all the memories of them with BG song playing.She looks at the star and says why is this happening to her? She says that he is very far away from her but she still has the urge to meet him .She cries and asks where he is ?
Agam shows some signs of getting consciousness and Amrit and Yug are scared and they say that they will leave and tells Vishal what if Agam attacks Amrit again ? Vishal tries to convince but Yug says that he is scared for his neice and they both leave in a jiff.
Amrit sitting in the car says that they should leave Mumbai before Agam gets his memory back.At the same time , Agam gets his conscious and Vishal is happy. Agam asks where that lady is and Vishal says they just left. Agam says they can’t leave like that and runs behind and follows them in a car..The car chase starts with Agam following them and at a point comes in parallel to them and then overtakes them and stops his car in front of yugam’s car so they have no choice other than to stop. Agam gets out of the car and comes angrily to Yugam’s car and stares angrily at Amrit.

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