Amrit Manthan 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 24th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with amrit telling Tej that the nurse is over strict with nimrit , and i think that she is going out of doctor’s treatment , Tej said she is very professional nurse and she knows better how to control such patients , and then he leave ..
Yug was talking to his friend on phone about some projects , while amrit come and sit , yug went to amrit , amrit said its enough , yug said yes that is i am trying to tell you that its enough , amrit said that i cannot see that nurse doing so strictness with nimrit and no one taking any step .
The nurse was sitting with Karan’s mom in the car , the lady told her that why is nimrit not normal yet ? she said i have tried every thing , and still amrit is with nimrit and always she is keeping her happy , so the lady says that now do

something else . The nurse says that i know a mental asylum and where they give shocks to such patients by which soon they get their memory back ! she was odered to do something that the family sends nimrit to that mental asylum .
Nimrit was playing with her teddy , while the nurse comes and said that nimrit do you know that this teddy can speak also , nimrit said but its not speaking , so she said that if you pray to God in open air than he will surely listen to you , so she took nimrit to the terrance and asked her to stand on the wall and pray ..
then the nurse hit her ownself with a rock and act that she has fainted , now nimrit was standing on the wall and praying loudly , while amrit , tej and bani and jojo were coming in the palace amrit heard nimrit shouting too loud , when they saw up they saw her up in the wall , Tej and Amrit asked her to move back , nimrit was moving while her feet slipped and she was just hanging on the wall , Tej went up to take hold of her ..
Nimrit did not gave her hand to tej and said amrit di amrit di , amrit ran fast on the terrance and asked her to hold tej’s hand , then tej and amrit took each other’s one hand and then tej said look amrit’s hand is with me so now come ..
They hold nimrit up , and then asked her why was she doing this , she remembered that the nurse said not to tell any one about it , amrit said where is that nurse , they saw the nurse lying , they poured some water on her face and then she gets up and quickly took nimrit with her .
Amrit said to every one that this all is because of that nurse where was she ? while nurse comes and said that your sister hit me with a rock , every one got shocked , she said in these cases these things happens and she can even harm herself also that’s why we need to take her to mental asylum .
Amrit and everyone got shocked and everyone agreed with the nurse except amrit , next day occured , amrit was waiting for yug and finally he comes in the palace and then he told her that her dream project is finally at her hands and they can go to london and take bani along with them , yug saw tej , both YugAm turned , Tej said to amrit that you was saying that i will do this and that for nimrit and now you are going on just one chance and said its fine we are here to look after her .
the mental asylum people were there to take nimrit with her , nimrit ran and closed her in the room but they bought her out and was taking her out , and taking with them , BaJo were crying along with Amrit ..

Precap : the bus was stopped for a reason when everyone come out to look what happened , while nimrit ran out of the car , the nurse saw nimrit is not there and she scold the mental asylum nurses about not taking care and comign out of car .

Update Credit to: mehak

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