Amrit Manthan 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 24th January 2013 Written Update

Police is taking Agam away when Media guys come and say something about how maybe Rudra has been have an affair with Nimrit hence Agam killed him. Agam gets angy but police take him away and lock him up. He gets flash backs of being in prison when younger and gets scared. Nimrit comes and tells him to tell her that he never did the murder and how did he even get there? He says that he can’t tell her. A police woman takes Nimrit away whilst she vows that she’ll save him. He says to himself that he can’t let her do that as it will mean she’ll be in prison and that he’ll do anything for her, even give up his life.

Tej meets Agam and asks him how did he come back so quickly and what had happened? He says why did Agam take the blame? Agam says to save Nimrit. Agam says that he was with Sunita when she felt uneasy and wanted to come home at once. He went home and near the palace he saw the window was open. He looked in and saw Nimrit on the floor and Rudra dead. All he knew was that he needed to save Nimrit. Tej says that he understood that it was all Amrit’s plan. Agam says he took Nimrit out of the room and hid all the evidence that she was there but couldn’t escape. Agam tells Tej not to tell anyone the truth, especially not Nimrit.

Nimrit in the room trying to find evidence but fails. Amrit smiles seeing this. Nimrit thinks about how the gun could go upstairs and then concludes that someone must have moved it. She asked Amrit how the gun can go from the hall to the room whilst Amrit says she doesn’t know. Flashback of Nimrit asking Amrit why is she walking when shot? She holds Amrit’s neck and says that it was all her doing wasn’t it? Amrit shouts out yes as she wanted Nimrit to become imprisoned. She did all this for revenge and that if she wants, she can release Agam too. Nimrit begs Amrit that she’ll do anything. Amrit says to divorce Agam. She says that she’ll get Agam free if Nimrit divorces him. Nimrit says that she’ll never leave him, Nimrit says that what happened between them? She then realises that Amrit killed Rudraksh. Nimrit says she’ll prove Agam innocent. Amrit says that she should be quick as what if Agam dies because of being scared in jail (or something), Nimrit slaps her. She says that she will release Agam from jail.

Nimrit is on the roads, having flashbacks of everything that happened. She bumps into Sunita’s car and faints. Inside, Nimrit is crying telling her what had happened whilst Sunita consoles her. Sunita gives her hope.

Precap: Nimrit in police station when the woman tells her that she is pregnant.

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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