Amrit Manthan 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sunitha and Mahiji returning . They enquire Tej how Nimrit is and notice that Nimrit is still behaving like a child and was pouring cold water on BanJo even though the kids don’t like it . Sunita, Mahi and Tej are worried and Mahi suggests that they need to have someone look after Nimrit for 24 hours as she is not knowing what she is doing.

The lady vamp (sorry don’t know her name ) talks on phone all frustrated saying how can Nimrit become mad as she wants to see her going through terrible pain seeing Agam’s death . She further adds that it’s time for her next plan

Amrit overhears Mahi and Tej discussion on keeping a Nurse to look over Nimrit. Amrit says that she can take care of Nimrit and Tej asks where she was yesterday leaving Nimrit alone . He asks

Amrit to think practically and says that a nurse is needed

Episode shifts to a hospital where the doctor calls a nurse and tells her details of Nimrit and taht she needs to take care of her..The lady vamp appears and gives nurse money and bribes her and says thay she needs to follow her instructions nad not doctors and the nurse agrees

Nimrit apolozises BanJo about pouring cold water on them and BanJo says they are not mad at her. Nurse arrives and Nimrit says thay she is fine and doesn’t need her. Nurse tries to give bashan that she is a professional nurse and knows how to deal with such patients. Nimrit cries and seeks help of Amrit Di and Amrit is helpless.and sad.

The Vamp calls the nurse and enquires how Nimrit is and asks how Nimrit can get back her memory back .Nurse says that if they show her memories of Agam there is a possibility but will put Nimrit’s life at risk. The nurse disagrees first but gets trapped in the name iof bribery and agrees to follow her instructions to remind Nimrit with Agam’s death and memories.

Nurse asks that they will play a game and takes Nimrit to a room where Agam’s picture is there.
She intentionally throws the box where the picture is hidden so Nimrit can see. Nimrit looks at the picture .

BanJo and Amrit talk about Nimrit and JoJo says that nurse is very bad like a vamp in the TV (Jo Jo my darlingo you never fail to make me smile .) They notice that Nimrit’s door is open and search for her .Everybody starts searching and Tej and Amrit notices Nimrit looking at Agam’s picture. Nimrit asks Amirt whose picture it is (( I am loosing my memory with all these variety of memory loss tracks )
Amrit scared that Nimrit might recognize says thay it is a game and they have to make the photo funny. Amrit tries to take the picture but Nimrit grabs and runs saying she will draw funny face on picture. Everyone notices her draw with BG music playing.

Amrit comes and feeds food to Nimrit convincing her as she disagrees. Nurse comes and asks Nimrit to sleep . Nimrit says that she will sleep with BanJo and Nurse disagrees. Amrit tells Nurse thay she is little stricter and need to be flexible and let the kids sleep with Nimrit and that she is appointed to take care of Nimrit.

PreCap: Amrit tells Yug that they are planning to send Nimrit to Mental Asylum . Yug says that they will go to NewYork and live there ( Really Yug ?, who will give you Visa with all the crimes reported in your names . well our mahaan cv’s can give anybody Visa’s )
Tej who overhears asks Amrit that few hours back she said she is going to take care of her sister and asks her to live her life and not worry about Nimrit.

Update Credit to: Saina

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