Amrit Manthan 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Tej and kids in sunitaji room..Jojo tells Tej Dadi is thirsty..he makes her drink the water and a bit surprised asks jojo how she knew about it..Bani replies that jojo knows everything that Dadi wants to say..Tej tells her very good from now you will stay with Dadi and be her messenger..Tej gets a call from the police inspector..Nimrit enters the room and Tej tells her Yug is in police custody..Nimrit says good but Tej says he has become the witness of the police… they want to know if we will be involved in the case..Nimrit says tell them we are not interested and its good now Amrit will know how much it hurts when a close one breaks your trust..

At the police station yug is signing his statement papers with the lawyer..Amrit with handcuff and the inspector says her

case has been transfered in the fast track court…Jojo..Bani with sunitaji..jojo asks her if she wants something … Bani asks her how will you know what Dadi wantsand she says its simple..If Dadi eye blink it means she is saying yes.Sunitaji is a bit agitated and jojo understands why..she gets the family photoframe and asks her if she wants to meet someone from the family..sunitaji blinks her eyes..jojo tells her mama..Papa..dadu and says Amrit mama..sunitaji blinks her eyes…Bani says why Dadi she is very bad..jojo too says because of her you fell ill..sunitaji tries to say something and jojo says you mean Amrit Mama had not done this..she says yes with eyes blink..Bani continues you mean Amrit maasi is not wrong..she eyes blink again..both look at each other..

At the police station the inspector says the judge too has accepted Amrit is the culprit..The other inspector says yug will be free and given police protection as witness of this case.The inspector says Amrit will get her punishment as the judge will give his order soon..

Nimrit sitting close to karan on the bed holding his hand …talking to him how sunitaji health is getting better..She says now its time for you to get better and sunitaji will be happy to see him fine..she keeps talking with him how jojo understands everything that sunitaji wants to say ..Tej comes in asking Nimrit to take rest and he will stay with karan..Bani comes in asking them to come as sunitaji wants to say something..there both surprised to know about Amrit was a duplicate Amrit in the palace who did all these sins …Nimrit gets flashback about karan saying its not his faulT for misbehaving with she forgot Tej room on the wedding night..Amrit phone call..Nimrit shattered realising Amrit was right about her being kidnapped by yug.

Rajjo showing her brother the money and he is suspecting her about how she got so much money..he asks her is it a bad job she has done?..Rajjo says what matters is the money nad now noone will separate them..her brother says he has heard about it nad in books to its written one has to pay for bad deeds.Yug comes in and taking his share of the money but Rajjo stops him..he threatens her and takes all the money.. he tells Rajjo when Amrit will get her punishment then he will give her back her share..

Nimrit meets Amrit in jail and feeling guilty about not trusting her..Amrit tells her not to do so as its all yug doings to trap her..Nimrit promises to get her out of jail but Amrit says let her pay for her bad deeds.She asks Nimrit to move on in her life..Tej comes there saying what about me..i need you in my life as you have to be my wife and jojo’s mother..both promise her to get her out of jail..the inspector dont want to hear anything about Amrit innocence..Both helpless but Nimrit vows to search for Rajjo to save Amrit.

Precap..Nimrit praying to Babaji asking to do something to save Amrit..Karan wakes up saying Nimritji..The nurse comes and tells Nimrit karan has waken up..She is happy..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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