Amrit Manthan 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Amrit screams from pain whilst Yug is confused what has happened. He is saying sorry and goes near her when Amrit signals him to go away. She tells Shivangi and Tej to take Yug away. He leaves, knowing about the plan. Nimrit leaves to find a phone. Amrit wonders who put the real bullet in. Rudra says he did and that he found out from the CCTV, so he’ll show everyone how she had planned his death. He says that with the same gun, he’ll kill her. Rudra points gun at her but he falls down. Amrit takes the gun and shoots him. She drags him to his room whilst Nimrit comes back and asks why is she walking around. Nimrit faints. Amrit drags her to where Rudra is and puts the gun near her. She goes back to the hallway and lies there. The police come to get Yug but want to know where the gun is. They all look for Nimrit. Everyone in the room where Rdura is dead. Amrit comes in and is shocked to only see Rudra there, and no Nimrit. Nimrit comes in feeling faint and is shocked to see Rudra dead. She is saying how did all this happen? The police notice someone behind the curtains and it’s Agam! They arrest him whilst Nimrit says that he couldn’t have done anything. She faints. Amrit is confused and angry about how Agam could have come there. The police ask who the gun belongs to when Tej says that it’s not Agam’s gun. Amrit says that it is hers. The police leave Yug whilst Tej asks why she never said anything about Yug. Amrit says because she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Nimrit as when the media finds out how Yug misbehaved with Nimrit, then there’ll be bad consequences. Nimrit tells Tej that she wants to meet Agam. Yug and Amrit talk about how things have gone wrong yet right for them. Amrit says she wanted to punish Nimrit not Agam. She tells Yug to leave the city for a bit in case Tej gets angry and sends him to jail.

Precap: Nimrit tells Amrit about the gun and Amrit is anger confesses.

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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