Amrit Manthan 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 21st May 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Nimrit behaving like a child.All family shocked to see her in this state..Nimrit tells Bani..jojo i’m going to search for my Mama and yours also..She steps out of bed and looks at the family staring at her..she asks them who are they?.Nimrit asks Amrit do you know where is my Mama and theirs also..Tej tries to hold her hand but Nimrit escapes and says uncle you wont be able to catch me..she comes face to face with Amrit and tells her is there something on my nose that you are staring at me..she continues Aunty where is my Mama?…As noone answering her Nimrit goes downstairs shouting for her Mom..At the breakfast table Nimrit eating she wants Aloo paratha and shouts for her mom to bring it..She does a mess spilling milk in her plate..Tej comes closer to

her and she gets scared saying i did not do that..Tej tells her i know you did not do it..Nimrit again asks for her mom and Amrit replies she is cooking aloo paratha and we all will have it..Nimrit replies no i will eat all myself and runs upstairs shouting for her mom..Amrit says its the shock of losing Agam that had got Nimrit in such state and we must take her to a specialist..

Doctor tells them the reason of why Nimrit behaving like this..its called an emotional and pyschological trauma..its because she has seen her husband dying in front of her..her mind is not accepting the fact and has stopped there..she remembers only the happy moment of her childhood and now she is living as the child of 6-7years..Tej asks the Doctor if she wont remember anyone of them..Doctor says no till she does not get well..he advises them to keep away all Agam pics and anything connected to him or else the pain will be more for Nimrit..He asks them to take good care of her with love just like a little child..a nurse comes in and says Nimrit is throwing everything and not listening to them..The room complete mess and Doctor asks the nurse to get the injection..Scared Nimrit hides under the table and shouts for her Mama..Amrit tries to get her out but she throws something at her .. Amrit get a little bruise on her forehead..Yug comes in and says Amrit as she is hurt..Nimrit finally says Amrit DI..Amrit asks Yug to say her name again and Nimrit says Amrit Di..later with much convincing Nimrit agrees to come out with Amrit help and hugs her..

At the palace Bani.jojo asks Amrit how is their mom..Amrit tells Nimrit they are your new friends..Nimrit happy asks her if she has brought them from hemkund sahib..Amrit replies no they are sent by God to play with us..Nimrit puts her hands forward to shake their hands but both run away..Amrit asks her to go with sunitaji in her room but she refuses and says i’m a big girl i can go by myself..Both girls praying to Babaji..Bani says you have taken My Daada with you but make my mama well..i want my mama to be same like before..Amrit consoles both and explain to them why Nimrit behaving like a child..she tells them not to worry i will get your mom well…she asks them if they will help her in getting Nimrit back to Normal.both promise to help her her room Nimrit throwing the bed sheet as she is not finding her teddy bear..Amrit tries to pacify her and the housekeeper brings juice and cake for Nimrit..She refuses to eat the cake and pouting..Amrit finally acts as if she is bird and wants to eat the yummy cake..Nimrit snatches the cake eat it and drinks the juice..she laughs saying the bird has flown away and no cake as i ate it all..

Emotional moment of sunitaji hugging Agam’s pic..Both going to immerse Agam’s ashes to haridwar..Mahiji asks Amrit to take care of Nimrit and family..She promises to do so..Tej takes the handbag to drop them at the station..Nimrit singing Happy Birthday comes downstairs..she sees the ash pot in mahiji hand and says its for me..she wants it and trying to snatch it from his hand..Mahiji tells Nimrit its for God and she folds her hands and pray .so touching that scene..Tej tells them its time to leave but Nimrit stopped Tej ..she says uncle you cant go as its my Tinguprasad Birthday today.we will celebrate his Birthday.Tej says we have never met him and where is he?.Nimrit replies he is the Birthday cant go and snatches the handbag..Agam pic drops down on the table and Nimrit sees it..the Ganesh Mantra in BG and Nimrit shocked with her hands holding her head..Epi ends..

Precap..Nimrit lighting candles on the birthday cake.About to get burn Bani says be careful Mama..Nimrit pushes her away saying you have ruined my Tinguprasad cake..

Its so heartbreaking to watch Nimrit in such shock and for the two girls also as they need their mom back..Hope soon Nimrit accepts the fact of Agam’s death..May be its Agam himself who can get Nimrit out of such shock..his soul wont be at peace if Nimrit suffers like this..Wishing for an Agni scene be it a dream one but one last time Agam should talk to his Nimrit..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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