Amrit Manthan 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 21st January 2013 Written Update

Nimrit tells Amrit why does she have the fire stick in her hand. Amrit is about to say something when Rudraksh comes out and says look what she has done to me! Nimrit tells Amrit that she has done good as men like Rudra needs to be punished. She takes Amrit away when Rudra tells Yug to help. Yug laughs and leaves. Amrit and Nimrit are downstairs when Agam, Shivangi and Tej come in. Nimrit tells them all that happened and that Amrit is getting her confidence back. Shivangi happy to see Amrit like this. Nimrit tells Amrit to go upstairs to take some rest. Tej and Shivangi leave, whilst Agam stays behind with Nimrit and they have a cute moment. Tej comes back and teases Agam saying doesn’t he want to go?

Rudra is trying to look for the tapes but trips. Yug laughs at him saying that does he think Amrit is so stupid that she’d hide the tapes here. Yug says that if Rudra tries to ever harm them or Amrit again then the tapes will reach the T.V channels. Yug says that Rudra was never the villain but HE was.

Next morning, Yug, Amrit and Nimrit outside. Bubbly comes in telling Nimrit that Sunita has sent some mitai and that her health is better, so Agam has sent Bubbly to help Nimrit. Yug and Amrit talk about how Agam has probably sent Bubbly to spy for him. Amrit says doesn’t matter as now the final chapter has been written. Rudra calling to cancel Amrit’s bail when Amrit goes to Nimrit and pretends to get upset. Nimrit says nothing will happen as she will take back the complaint that she had written. Amrit happy that her plan is working.

Nimrit calls about taking complaint back as soon as possible. Rudra tells her that she is doing all wrong, and that Amrit is evil. Nimrit doesn’t believe Rudra and leaves. Amrit laughs saying that everything is happening as she wants. She says something about wanting to live peacefully when Rudra says then he will go (?). Amrit’s monologue in which she says the “grand finale”.

Yug and Amrit talking. Yug says that their plan is working first Rudra has become a kathputli in Amrit’s hand. Agam has suspicions on them but doesn’t have any evidence whilst Nimrit is lost in Amrit’s love. Amrit says yes, and shows him a paper of their plan where Nimrit will get trapped in a murder and get sent to jail.

The plan is this: Amrit says that in the palace there will be everyone for dinner, Tej, Shivangi and Nimrit but Agam as they will have to make sure he is sent away. Rudra will be there too but away, as usual be drinking alcohol. Then they will have the first act of their plan. Nimrit is sent to her room for a job when Yug will come there and misbehave with her. He will try to kiss her, aggravating her. Amrit will come and become angry and hence will throw Yug out. This will all happen in front of everyone. When Yug has gone, he will quickly go into his room and get a gun and in front of everyone will shoot Amrit. Nimrit will go to call the doctor and Tejanghi will get Yug away. Amrit says the first bullet will be fake so nothing will happen to her. That way no one will suspect them. Nimrit will go to try and call the doctor and will reach Rudra’s room. She will faint because Amrit planted drugs in her drink earlier. Amrit will come and shoot Rudra and place the gun in Nimrit’s hand.

Precap: Nimrit comes into Amrit’s room where she is holding something. She wonders what it is.

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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