Amrit Manthan 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 21st February 2013 Written Update

Episode opens with Bani, Agam and Jo playing blindfold. Bani has the blindfold and searches for Jo and Agam while they hide and run from getting caught.Agam picks Jo and hides, so bani wouldn’t catch them and Bani acts as if she fell and Agam comes running to see if she is ok.
She removes the blindfold and says “got you” and Jo says it’s hero uncle’s turn to blindfold himself..Agam says that it is cheating and he didn’t get caught and then Anthony ( Who works at Sehgal’s place) comes and says that Food is ready.Agam says to the kids that they should all eat as their mom will come and pick them up . Bani says that her mom has lots of work and would not come so soon.They go on saying that their mom does a lot of work and helps them in their homework , takes care of

their grand parents, tells them stories, sings lori and Agam says that Your mom is very amazing to which bani replies that her mom has to do all this work as her dad is busy and her mom is alone. Bani says her mom misses her dad very much but puts on a happy face in front of her though she is feeling sad inside .Saying so Bani cries and Agam says that you should not cry and always think about happy and good things and then asks them to come and eat food. Bani is still feeling sad and Agam notices and says that they should play blindfold again and he intentionally falls searching for the patti and makes the kids laugh. Bani comes and says to Agam that he is intentionally making them laugh na and asks lovingly if he is hurt and is OK . Agam is moved by this gesture and just hugs Bani . Jo watches Agam’s photoframe and asks if they can take it with them. Agam removes the photo from the frame and gives the frame to Jo.Jo says that she wants the photo and not the frame. Agam asks why she needs his photo and she says that she likes collecting pics of heroes and he is their hero and tells Bani that it would have been so nice if Hero uncle was really her dad.. Agam and Bani stare for a second and Agam changes the topic asking them to come and eat.

Scene shifts to Nimrit and Tej getting into the car and asking each other how the meeting went. Nimrit phone rings and it is Sunitha ji.She requests Nimrit to go and meet a famous Swamiji with Tej. Nimrit says they will go with their kids and her mil asks them to go without the kids.

Scene shifts to a party where Vishal is making a business deal and Yugam comes to trap vishal again.Amrit walks by where Vishal is sitting so he can watch while Yug sits faraway to watch her plan.Amrit passes by Vishal and he notices her but turns away. Since Vishal is not making a move Amrit tries hard by intentionally falling and Vishal goes to help her. Vishal rubs some ice on her feet and goes away and Amrit introduces herself as Aashima.
He goes to his car where he notices his car tyre punctured and Amrit comes and says that she will help him as he helped her and gives him a a ride in her car. Amrit keeps talking but Vishal feels so shy in talking to her that he doesn’t respond to her questions though he wants to talk to
her . Amrit getting restless and frustrated with him not paying attention and not answering her questions stops the car and asks if he is dumb or if she did any mistake and he writes down a note and shows her that he gets speechless when talking to a beautiful girl.
Amrit happy again drops him at his office and Vishal types in Thank you. Amrit says that he is so handsome and he should not be nervouus as he can make girls go nervous.
Vishal gets down shyly..Amrit drives away and tells Yug that the guy totally fell for her.
Amrit says that she is thinking to trap him for life as he makes a good lifepartner as he is very rich and wouldn’t talk in front of her and he will agree to whatever she says.Amrit says that she can lead a rich life as Amrit Sehgal ..
Yug gets angry and says that their plan is to steal and not to settle with this guy and walks away ( Seems like Yug is getting jealous ..)

Agam gets some popcorn to Bani and Jo so they can watch TV and sees that both are sleeping.
He makes them sleep and looks lovingly at Bani and Jo. He tells Anthony to look after the kids as he going to work and asks not to disturb their sleep.

Vishal calls Amrit and She is happy that he called ..Vishal finds an excuse to meet her and asks that his house needs renovation and since she is an interior decorator can help him renovate his house ..She says that she is very busy next few days and asks if she can come today. Vishal happily agrees and Amrit excited hugs Yug that their plan is successful..Yug gets happy and jittery when Amrit Hugs ( Yug is slowly starting to show some feeling towards Amrit ..I like Yug and amrit pairing so glad that Yug is showing the signs of love towards Amrit and moved away from his past. Finally our prayers might get answered that Yugam are made for each other and make a good pair )

Tej and Nimrit with swamiji and he says the the couple horoscope is very good and they will live in harmony.Nimit tells her MIL in skype that the girl and boy’s horoscopes perfectly meet.
MIL says that if the horoscopes are matching this much then the boy and and girl should marry
and then she reveals that the Girl is Nimrit and the boy is tej and Nimrit and Tej gets shocked hearing this.

Amazing Precap : Amrit and Yug at Vishal’s place and Amrit boasting to Vishal how much she adores kids and bani come in and says “Oh really” and amrit is shocked

Update Credit to: Saina

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