Amrit Manthan 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 20th May 2013 Written Update

Ambulance comes and Nimrit tells Agam that we will take you to hospital and everything will be ok.Agam is already dead and does not respond. Tej looks at his pulse and is shocked to know that he is dead.Kids,Tej, Agam’s parents everone shocked and cry very much.Nimrit stands up and looks in denial and shocked.She walks towards the idol of Shiv ji and rings the bell constantly remembering all AgNi scenes .Nimrit starts to laugh hysterically while ringing the bell and her hand bleeding. The villain lady looks at Nimrit and says that Malli parivar deserves the pain of loosing someone as she had to bear the same.She further adds that she still needs to execute other half of her plan but she needs to leave the town for that.
Amrit at police station asks police how they can be so careless

and leave Agam without protection?Police tries to console her but she is very mad at them for being careless and she being helpless to save Agam. She sees the same Gunda at the station who aims gun at Agam. She asks who he is and who his boss is?She warns that goonda but the police tries to take her away saying they are interrogating that goonda guy and he doesn’t know where his boss is. Amrit doen’t care for Cop’s answer and keeps asking the guy but Yug comes and takes
her away. Amrit tells yug that she failed in not saving Agam and vows to kill the murderer. The lady in the car listens to Amrits words and says Amrit cannot do anything and Agam had to die in her hands.
Sunitha ji cries looking at Agam’s body and Nimrit just watches in shock. Mahi comes with Gifts to the kids and sees the dead body of Agam and is shocked to see his son no more.Malik parivaar finally does the dahan sanskaar with Nimrit still looking on shocked and without tears .
Amrit requests the kids to sleep but the kids insist that they need their mamma. The kids asks why their mom is staying away and if she is angry with them. Amrit pacifies the kids saying her mom can never be angry with them and tells them that she will be ok by tomorrow.
Amrit asks Tej to look after kids and goes o see Nimrit. Amrit consoles Nimrit and tells her to get out of the emotions. She requests Nimrit to take control of her life and take care of house and the kids. She reminds her that Agam is no more and she has to take her chuda and all to get out of the sadness.

Amrit in a room and Tej gives her a glass of milk as she didn’t eat anything. She says she will give it to Nimrit but Tej says that he has another glass for Nimrit . Tej tells Amrit that since all the parivaar is shattered with Agam’s news , he and Amrit should make sure they get everone back on track. Amrit tells that she will stay here and take care of her sis and kids and she is guilt of being selfish all along and now it is time for her to pay for her sins by being a strong support for her sis.
Next morning Amrit wakes up in Nimrit’s room but see Nimrit missing. She goes to see where Nimrit is and hears her voice from BanJo’s room. Tej, SunithaJi , Mahi also overhears Nimrit telling rhymes and come over to Kids bedroom and all are shocked to see Nimrit still in her bridal dress and behaving like a kids telling them rhymes and all…The kids are also shocked to see their mom in that condition

Update Credit to: Saina

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