Amrit Manthan 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 1st May 2013 Written Update

episode starts with Yug putting all his clothes in the luggage , amrit asked him what are you doing ? are you leaving the house ? yug said ya i am not fool like you that i’ll distribute my clothes in poors . Amrit said yug you must understand why did i did it , only for my bani and then yug shuts the cupboard door so loudly with anger . and said only my bani this , my bani that .. bani..bani … and only bani .

He said to amrit that what’s wrong with you , since bani has come here you are been after her for everything even without caring for me or about yourself . Amrit said i will do a job & with honesty , yug said you know that’s not possible with out money you and me cannot live , you are princess amrit and i am yug ..

Amrit said no , i will do the work . yug said what

has happened to you , amrit , i cannot see you in this situation . coz damit i love yes i love you . Amrit was fully shocked . Yug said to amrit that for sometimes i am going out & please do not follow me either try to call me i will be back soon ..

BaJo asked nimit that why is yug uncle behaving very rootly with amrit aunty when she has become good aunty now . so nimrit said don’t worry , yug uncle some times shouts loud as its his habit but he is very good and a best friend of amrit aunty like you and Jojo .
when ever you fights after short time you become friends again just like it yug and amrit are good friends ..

Bani said mama i do hand shake with Jojo because i love her & so does yug uncle also loves amrit aunty ? nimrit said that you both were telling me that you will draw something for amrit so start your work !

Nimrit was walking while she sees amrit , she went to amrit , amrit was looking a little worried . nimrit asked her whats wrong so she said yug has bet her that she is not capable to do buisness , so nimrit said no madam ji you are very hard working and you can prove that you can do business .

amrit asked nimrit that she is going to attend a meeting now so un till she take care of both the kids & make them sleep after giving them milk . nimritt said you don’t worry i’ll take good care of them .

amrit was waiting for mr chadda to come , at last he arrived , his concentration was on amrit , and after that he asked amrit to have drink or else he will not give the cheque to her . so amrit drank .

bani said to nimrit that she will go and show her drawing to amrit so nimrit said ok you go , bani saw amrit drinking , she took the galss from her , amrit said what are you doing bani so bani said aunty you must not drink it , amrit said to bani to staw away and asked rajamma to take her .

after that mr . chadda was trying to molesting amrit but nimrit said her & made that guy get out of house , amrit was very drunk so nimrit took her to the room after that amrit thanks rajamma and said that never ever a person shouted on me , and you when shouted it feels like you are my relative and she hugs nimrit / rajamma .

agam wakes up he said i cannot see anything clearly , vishal gave him the photos of his entire family & after seeing each pic he was getting his memory back .

Precap : Vishal was asking agam that what is your past ? agam shouted amrit .. amrit is the only one who shot me , and now i will not leave her ,

Update Credit to: Mehak

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