Amrit Manthan 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 19th February 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Agam in convo on phone about office matters.he has to go urgently..he looks back at Bani and says if he tells her she will cry.better i leave without telling her and goes away.just then Nimrit coming towards Bani..a hit and miss of Agni..Bani hugs Nimrit ..vishal meet them and is perplexed as Bani calling Tej chachu..Bani insists her Daada was here and Nimrit tries to explain to her that it was not her Daada..Vishal goes to look for Agam and comes back saying he must have leave for office..Tej takes the two girls to the car.Vishal tells Nimrit why Bani calling Tej chachu as he thought he was her Dad…Nimrit replies Bani’s father was dead before she was she has grown up she wants her Daada thats why she thought your friend was her father..Nimrit thanks vishal

and gives him the bouquet to give to his friend as he saved Bani and a card also..

Back at their hotel room Bani keeps saying it was her Daada ..her wish was fulfilled..Nimrit finally explained to her that it was not her Daada ..Bani sadly says it means my wish was not fulfilled…Nimrit replies it was fulfilled ..your Daada was busy so he sent an angel. to be with you..Bani says Mama the angel scolded me because i should not have come out alone at cute scene of Bani .jyothi..little jyothi caring for her sis but angry also.Bani tries to pacify her as she is talking with her..finally she goes to the window and says jojo your Ranbir kapoor..jyothi puts her dupatta on her head and rushes to the window saying kahan mera woh..Bani laughs at her and finally they patch up..Jyothi says promise me next time you get lost take me with you..such innocence..such a delight to watch them..Bani says that bad aunty left me on the road..jyothi totally in her filmy mode says hai Rabba does anyone leave a child alone like this..she has so much Ego i wish she keeps sneezing and her Ego gets crushed..

Amrit is shown sneezing and Yug giving him tissue paper..even that with attitude she gives instruction to Yug to do his research about Vishal..Yug tells her he goes to a spa and Amrit says she will meet him there..yug tells her in this condition let vishal you wont even impress a peon..she gets angry and tells him she is going to the mall to do some shopping ..after she is gone Yug says so much attitude ..dont know who will be the one in this world to break her Ego and attitude..well we do know Bani will be the one..

Nimrit ..Bani comes in the mall..she sneezes and Nimrit tells her if she has flu again..Bani shows her handkerchief and balm in her bag..Nimrit says thats my Baby and she replies i’m not a Baby ..both goes on the escalator to reach the next floor to meet MR patil …Nimrit introduces herself as Nimrit malik and Bani her daughter..Bani tells Mr patil you must be proud as your mall will have Nimrit ka dhaba here…both laughs and Nimrit starts discussing about the amount of space etc..Bani tells Nimrit can she go sightseeing..Nimrit says yes to her but to not go far away.. She meets up with Amrit while she was running away from a lady whose suitcase she had stolen at the airport.Bani..Amrit has an argument about how she left her alone..Nimrit looked towards them but could not see Amrit face..a hit and miss of Amrit..Nimrit..Bani tells Nimrit she is the bad aunty and Nimrit tells her i will see to it ..they both go in search of Amrit..finally Bani sees Amrit hiding from that lady..Bani meets her up and Amrit sneezes..Bani gives her syrup and Amrit says i did so much to you and even that you are caring towards me.Bani so smartly says thats the difference between you and me..Amrit says if i were in your place i wont have done this and gives her back the syrup..Bani stops her from leaving and says till my Mama dont come you are not going anywhere.. Amrit says fine i will wait here go and get your mom..Bani says do mother promise..she does so and once Bani leaves she runs away..

Nimrit meets Bani and she asks Nimrit to look at that bad aunty.Nimrit angry says i dont want to meet this bad you are forgetting your good should take my teaching to you as a lesson..Bani says look Mama she is leaving in the car..Nimrit looks at the entrance but could not see Amrit face in the car..Bani sadly says she has gone away..

precap…Agam reading the card and gets disturbed reading the name Nimrit..sunitaji now wat’s this idea of hers..Tej mom is there also and sunitaji says The kids needs both parents.. father.. mother.. Mahiji says wat’s you telling sunita..she replies its time Tej..Nimrit gets married..Mahiji stands up and his expression says he is not liking the idea.

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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