Amrit Manthan 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 18th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Mahiji and Nimrit praying sitting beside Sunitha ji. Rajjo comes and says that Sunitha ji’s health is not recovering as Angad , his mom and Yug has left a bad omen and
for shanti they should all conduct a havan. Sunitha ji stares at her angrily and helpless. Tej thinks it is a good idea and everyones agrees as well.
Some guy Ram singh comes and informs Angad about Amrit’s proposal for the havan at palace and Angad wonders since when Amrit began to have faith in worship and God. He thanks the guy for informing and gives money but the guy refuses saying that he knows that Angad is doing this to protect the family. Angad asks where Amrit is and Ram Singh replies that
she went to market to get Pooja Samagri. Angad says thay he needs to keep

an eye on Amrit to know why she has put a blame on him though he is innocent.
Amrit goes to a jeweller and sells all the jewellary for money.
Angad enquires about Amrit by showing her photo to a security guard and he says thay Amrit is here only at the jewellary guy’s place. He shows the way and Angad opens the door and sees Rajjo taking money (80 lakhs) from the jeweller. Angad wonders why she is taking 80 lakhs.
The jeweller finds a necklace which he forgot to give money and Angad notices that the necklace was Nimrit’s and thinks that Amrit might have sold all the jewellary from the palace.The jeweller tells Rajjo to come again if she has more money and Rajjo says that she has sold them all she got.
Rajjo in car gives money to a guy and asks him to take care of her brother and drives away leaving him. Angad who is hiding wonders who that guy is.
At palace Nimrit with priest making preperations and Rajjo comes and gives her the Pooja Samagri and says she will be back after changing her clothes.She calls Yug and he wishes her good luck as they have a plan to implement.
Angad follows the guy and trashes him to tell who he is. He notices a picture of Rajjo and a guy and Angad asks who the guy in photo is? The person says that she is not Amrit and she is Rajjo and he is her brother.Angad understands now that Rajjo is in palace disguised as Amrit and wonders where Amrit is.
Rajjo comes to Sunitha ji and tells her that she has come to take her. Sunitha ji fears looking at the gun she has.Rajjo tells that today this gun will send Nimrit to death and the kids will become orphans. She goes on to say that the best part is when Nimrit gets killed and Amrit will be punished as everyone thinks Amrit killed Nimrit.Shocked
Yug release Amrit’s clutches and says that she is free and asks her to go and see in what state her parivaar is.Amrit is in unconscious state and Yug keeps telling how She will now have to repent Nimrit’s death and also will be blamed for Nimrit’s murder.
At palace during havan Nimrit looks at Agam’s picture and wishes that he is looking at her tells him that he is always in her memories and she is incomplete without him.Rajjo comes and asks Nimrit that she is remembering Agam and Nimrit nods. Rajjo says that she cannot see her in pain and as elder sister it is her right to set free from all the sadness and pain and take her closer to Agam .Shocked
Nimrit asks how it is possible and Rajjo aims the gun at her and says by killing you. Nimrit and Tej who is sitting are utterly shocked to hear this. Tej tries to come and Rajjo stops him by warning. Rajjo shoots but Angad gets shot as he comes just in time and stands in from t of Nimrit to save her Star.Rajjo keeps shooting as Angad tries to go towards Rajjo and she keeps hitting him with bulletsAngry. Angad falls down and Nimrit rushes to him asking Tej to save him
Rajjo tries to escape and Tej goes after her but stops hearing Nimrit asking him to get the ambulance.
Rajjo comes to Yug nervously and yug consoles her saying it happens when you use th egun for the first time. Yug asks her how the family reaction was when Nimrit got shot and Rajjo explains how Angad saved Nimrit and took all the bullets.Yug is surprised hearing this and asks how Angad came to the palace ?. The guy who Angad followed comes and tells that he was trashed by Angad and he had to tell the truth. Yug is pissed off and Rajjo tells him that Angad is injured badly and is not in a state to tell truth and that he cannot survive as all the 6 bullets hit him in his chest.
At hospital , Nimrit prays to maata Rani to save Angad ji and Tej wonders what has happened to Amrit.Police come and enquire what happened at the palace as they heard from the servants that Amrit tried to murder Nimrit.Nimrit and Tej deny that it cannot happen at the same time. Police asks what that means and Nimrit replies that Amrit Di is changed and she can never do that.Police asks what is the reason that Angad is injured so badly when saving Nimrit and asks where Amrit is.Tej replies she could bein the palace and Police says she is no where to be seen. Police further says that some people never change and Amrit is one of those and Nimrit tries to defend and cries. Tej tells police that Nimrit is in deep shock and requests them to come later
Police says that they will have to arrest if Angad dies and Nimrit scolds the police how he can think of a person to die when he is not?She asks poice to go away and says that nothing will happen to Angad ji .Police goes away and TejNi wonders why Amrit did this.

Rajjo and Yug sees Amrit in unconscious state. Yug places the gun in front of Amrit and tells Rajjo that he has loosened the clutches and when Amrit wakes up she will try to set herself free and will take the gun which is in front of her for protection and this will trap her for Nimrit’s murder attempt.AngryAngry
The doctors comes from the operation theatre and Nimrit enquires about Angad’s condition.
Doctor says thay he tried to remove all the bullets but Angad has gone into coma as he lost lots of blood and as a result his brain isn’t responding CryCry.
Nimrit asks doctor if he will be ok to which doctor replies that he cannot guarantee for patients who are in coma.He says some people gain senses in a week, some in a month and some in yeras and few never gain senses until they die. Nimrit is shattered hearing this and tells Tej that Angad is in this state because of her as he tried to save her. Nimrit asks Tej why Amrit has done alll this and Tej says thay he is going to find that out and leaves.

Precap: Mahiji comes down with a video in his hand and tells TejNi he know why Amrit has tried to kill Nimrit. TejNi looks at the video and it has
Amrit telling yug that her change of behaviour is a plan to trap Nimrit

Update Credit to: Saina

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