Amrit Manthan 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 18th January 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Yug giving Tea to Amrit..their usual convo everything going as per their plan etc..Rudraksh comes there and both back with their drama..he asked yug about his day schedule..Yug reading it to him from a file when he sees Nimrit coming in the hall..Amrit instantly goes and picks up Rudraksh sandals ..she is making him wear it so as Nimrit sees it..its all her plan so as Nimrit gets angry with Rudraksh and he loses his patience..Nimrit comes forward and tells Rudraksh ,Amrit is not his slave to do all this and continues with her lecture..Rudraksh gets angry and threatens their Tit for Tat finally Rudraksh takes out a pistol and points it at Amrit..Rudraksh challenges Nimrit that she cant do anything..she pushes Amrit away and comes in front of Rudraksh who has the pistol pointed at her when enters the media people..Nimrit takes it from Rudraksh hand and tells media that he was showing her his new pistol..nothing else..She asks Rudraksh to go and change to give his interview as today its lohri festival..Nimrit tells Amrit its just a beginning and Rudraksh himself will free you..

Agam.Babli promotes the new show coming on life ok..welcome..he then asks Babli to get ready to go to palace for Lohri..Nimrit takes blessing of her M-I-L and welcomes them ..she wishes Tej.Shivangi a happy she wishes Agam ..he does same and Nimrit tells him its their first Lohri..Rudraksh walks up to Agam..Nimrit and tells him are you not scared one bit that your wife staying here with me at the palace..Agam puts his hand around her shoulder and replies to Rudraksh that i support my wife’s decision..Nimrit tells him you see i have the support of my husband and family ..they all will help me to get Amrit out of your torture..they all are shown doing the lohri ritual and dancing around the lohri fire..Rudraksh is full of anger..Agam holds Nimrit hand and moves a bit away from all..Nimrit all smile tells him wat’s the matter Agamji.Amrit watching them…Agam gives Nimrit a gift..she opens it and its a beautiful saree..she thanks Agam for the beautiful gift..he tells Nimrit i have something else for you and i’m sure you will love it..its bangles and Nimrit tells him i knew you will bring me bangles and shows her hand..thats why i have not wear put them yourself..Agam does so and looks at Amrit..she is disturbed with it but says to herself i know Agam you want to see if i’m jealous..i wont give you a chance and goes near them..she tells Nimrit she is feeling weak and want to rest..Rudraksh watches her go away and takes one of the burning stick from the lohri fire..

Amrit inside the palace in anger says be happy as much as you want Nimrit..its time now i snatch it from you all your happiness..she is surprised to see Rudraksh and both have an argument..finally Amrit shows him her true colors..she lectures about men beating women etc..he is on the floor with Amrit pointing the burning stick at him…how she has all videos of him torturing her and wont hesitate to give it to better he shuts his mouth..she bear all this as she has a maqsad..plan behind all this..Next she burns his feet with the fire.Rudraksh yelling in pain..

Amrit tells Yug she showed Rudraksh her true colors and he will die with her own hand..thats her plan..the death of Rudraksh and blame will go on Nimrit..Both in convo when they hear Nimrit saying kya..both have a scared expression and it ends on Nimrit face..

Its obvious she wont hear anything as precap already confirms it..Amrit showing Yug their next plan sketch ..She tells him he should pick up a pistol in a drawer.yug replies what should i do with that pistol…Amrit says to shoot me..

So next plan of these two is Rudraksh death and blame comes on Nimrit..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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