Amrit Manthan 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 18th February 2013 Written Update

Agam dials the number of Nimrit’s cell given by Bani but he gets “Unavialable” message.
He asks if the number is correct and asks her to tell again.Bani won’t be able to say the number
and Agam says that they can call her mom next day and she should get some sleep.Bani asks Agam to sing Lohri so she can sleep.Agam sas he doesn’t know Lohri and bani says you have sung lohri when I was in Mamma’s tummy na sing the same Lohri. Agam in deep thoughts and bani says do you want to know which Lohri you used to sing and Agam asks her to tell.Bani hums the tune of the Lohri and sleeps in the process. Agam looks at her sleeping face and at the same time they show Jyothi sleeping in Nimrit’s arms and sad thinking about bani with BG song do pal ki playing and AgNi looking

at the Star.

Vishal comes and sees Agam and bani sleeping . He wakes up agam and says this is Tej Malik’s daughter who I met at Kohli’s party and what she is doing here .Agam is relieved to know about bani’s whereabout. Vishal enquires agam how she is here and he tells how he saved her and how
she keep saying him dadda .Agam says that he also feels that he might be her dadda when she call her like that and he wants to go with the girl to see if anything related to his past might open door for him as he wants to be with his family.

Vishal sits sad knowing that agam wants to leave and tells Anthony ( his worker who gets him juice) how he saved Agam 7 yeras back , how he tried getting Agam treated to get his memory back, how he tried everything to find his family and Agam was in coma for 2 months.
Anthony says that he remembers everything and his identity was also found only half with just Agam written on it and that Vishal gave him not only his surname but he gave him everything.

Vishal says that he won’t be able to live without agam if he goes away as he has bonded with Agam like a brother and Anthony asks Vishal not to worry as the girl is Tej Malik’s daughter and not Agam’s ( Jeez, will Vishal turn into a psycho if agam decides to leave him in future for his family …seems Cv’s already coming up with plans )

Bani wakes up and says Good morning to his dada. Agam thinks that the girl like her father very much and he has to tell the truth to her that he is not her father.
Agam asks her why she was roaming alone on the road in the night and if her mother never told her not to do that. Bani says that her mother has told but she went in search of him and also asked those people to follow his car but that horrible aunty left her on the road ( I love it when Bani says horrible aunty me immense pleasure .)

Yug is happy and Amrit asks reason for his happiness.He says that he sold the 60 lakhs necklace for 80 Lakhs and Amrit becomes happy. Yug says that they need to go on a holiday for world tour. Amrit tells that they have to find details about their next target Vishal Sehgal.

Tej comes and informs Nimrit that Bani is with Vishal Sehgal..Hearing this Jo jumps in joy that her
Bani Didi is found. Nimrit’s cell rings and she lifts the call saying “hello , this is nimrit”
Agam on the other side stays mum after hearing the name and Nimrit enquires who it is.
When finally he says Agam sehgal it gets disconnected..They both try again at the same time and gets a busy tone.Bani comes and enquires if he was able to talk and Agam says that he tried but he keeps getting busy call. Bani says Mamma might be also calling you and hence he is getting the busy signal and Agam says that they both will wait for her call..Nimrit thinks the same that she will wait for the call as she is getting busy signal as the person might also be trying to call her. Both waiting for the call with BG song playing .Vishal comes and asks Agam if he checked the presentation that he is supposed to and Agam says that he was planning to check it since yesterday but couldn’t get time and he will check it immediatly.Nimrit waits and then calls again and Vishal who stands nearby the cell phone takes the call .

Vishal asks Nimrit not to worry as her daughter is fit and fine and that his friend has found her daughter. He gives Bani phone to talk to her mamma. Bani talks to her mom and tells that she is fine as she with her dada. Nimrit says that she should not tell dadaa to a stranger. Bani says that he is her dadda and if she meets him she will also know that . Nimrit thinks that it is hard to explain bani now and asks her to give the phone to Vishal. Nimrit apolozises to Vishal saying that his friend has helped her daughter but she is saying him Dadda.Vishal says that bani had fever after all that happened last night and she is missing her dad very much.Nimrit asks if she can talk to his friend so she can thank him and vishal says that he is on phone and she can personally thank him when they comes to bring bani. He asks her to come to a park and they will bring bani there.

Agam on his laptop working in the car and Bani asks him why he works so much and he needs
to play with her and take her mom out. She says that she and her mom are very sad when he is not there and they both miss him. Agam silently listens to her and then she asks for 500 Rs as pocket money.Agam gives her 500 Rs and she gets down the car. She runs and gets the gift “world best father” Coffee mug to him . Agam gets very emotional and Bani says that when her mom sees him she will be crazily happy.

Nimrit , Tej and Jo coming in a car and jo says that they have to gift the uncle who saved bani and Nimrit says she totally forgot about that and thanks her for reminding.
They get off the car to buy flowers and Jo sees Bani and tells Nimrit. Nimrit sees Bani and Agam turns away as he gets a phone

Precap : Nimrit coming towards Bani and Amrit and bani talking to each other rather arguing with each other…

Update Credit to: Saina

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