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Amrit Manthan 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 17th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rajjo in Karan’s room , she said to him that i have come here to thank you for taking lots of care of Sunita Ji , Karan said its fine , then he turns a around and said that actually i have some different feelings for Nimrit , as if i am caring for Nimrit , but some else feelings , while Rajjo has a wine glass in her hands , Karan looked behind , Rajjo turn the glass and wine fell down , Karan was amazed to look what is she doing , then Rajjo tears her sleeves , and start calling Nimrit , Tej , please save me , help me , and she holds Karan , as if anyone will think that Karan is misbehaving with her , than Tej & Nimrit comes in the room , Rajjo left the hold of Karan , and then she hugs Tej and said that Tej see this Karan is wanting to do bad with me , Tej

& Nimrit were shocked , Karan said that no Tej she did it herself , teared her sleeves , and said this all rubbish , Tej beats Karan and said not a single word from you now , Rajjo said to Nimrit , that you always says that a person should get chance in his life , and now what will u do with him , Nimrit told Tej to throw Karan out of palace .

Then Tej holding Karan comes out , and then Karan said that please listen to me , out there Nimrit & Rajjo were standing , then Rajjo said that this all was his plan to stay in the palace and do this with me , he was since beginning looking with bad eyes on me , and he tried to fool us around , by saying some kind words to us , and Tej said to Karan that now i don’t want to see you some where here in the palace , or else then it will be your last day of your life , and than Rajjo smiled with a very wicked smile on her face .

Yug went to Amrit and said that i have a very interesting news for you , you know what whole family beats Karan a lot , Amrit was shocked to hear it , Yug said that my Rajjo did it all , i will tell you the whole story , Rajjo teared her sleeves , and then blamed on Karan for doing bad with her , than you know your Tej , hot blood , got emotional and beats Karan .

Karan was in a hotel room and he was thinking why did Amrit did it , i know that since beginning she was not wanting me to live in the palace , but so cheap thing she did it , then he takes our nimrit’s photo and said i don’t got much hurt while seeing you in pain by me , than seeing those bad things for me in her eyes , but i will surely find the reason and truth .

Nimrit was sitting with Sunita Ji and drank the medicine to her and than saw the oil given by karan , and then bani and jojo comes and asked her where is karan , so she said he has gone bcoz he got an urgent work , they asked when will he come so she said never .

Then , amrit opened her lock with a hair pin and runs away , nimrit got a delivery for the paralysis stuff , the delivery boy told that its ordered by karan then tej comes and then nimrit said that the kids havn’t eat the food , rajjo comes and said leave it on me ..

After that , amrit called nimrit,and said that nimrit i am amrit speaking , while nimrit sees rajjo in the room and was amazed to see that amrit is there and also on phone , while amrit said that save me , yug takes out the lead of the phone and tied amrit again , and then nimrit told tej that what happened , so rajjo said i think that its karan , yug said now u have to pay for it , amrit said i have done my work and now nimrit will do hers . and yug ordered rajjo to finish all ..

Precap : Karan saw the pic of Rajjo and his brother , and asked the hotel owner to say who is that guy with amrit , he said its his brother and she is not amrit but rajjo and karan shocked

Update Credit to: mehak

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  1. Love the updates nw that it is our fasting month. Wish I could watch the whole episode but u say everything in detail.

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