Amrit Manthan 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 17th January 2013 Written Update

Yug comes back to Agam’s house where Bubbly sees him. He asks her for water for his car as it’s overheated. When she’s gone, he takes the recording device and realises that Agam had been recording them. He calls Amrit and informs her. Sunita tells Nimrit that as she is concerned about Amrit, she might as well go and see her.

Amrit and Yug are talking about how Agam is suspicious of them and that he went to the difficulty of getting Shivangi to record them. She then says that now he should listen to the recording.

Agam, Tej and Shivangi are listening to the recording when Nimrit hears it. There, Amrit is talking to Yug about why Nimrit saved her as she can’t bear Rudraksh’s wrath any more. She says that if Nimrit helped her then Rudra will give her trouble too. Nimrit wonders how their voices are on there. She tells Agam how did he record this and what is it? Agam tells her that he put the recording in Shivangi’s hand so that everything would be recorded. He wanted to know whether whatever happened to Amrit is true or false. Nimrit says that she hopes that their doubts are cleared and if it is, can she go and visit her sister?

Yug tells Amrit that Nimrit hasn’t come whilst Amrit says that she hopes Rudra doesn’t come. Rudra comes and tells them that it’s like they’re planning against him (oh Rudra, if only you knew!). Rudra asks her if she’s okay? She says yes. He then pushes her out saying so why is she resting for? He tells her to get a drink for him. Amrit trips and he tells her that she can’t do anything properly. Amrit tells him that she is feeling weak, can she get medicine and sleep? She is about to take it when he stops her and tells her to bring him more alcohol and take medicine later.

Nimrit comes and tells him that its time for Amrit’s medicine and she’ll definitely take it; she gives her medicine. Amrit tells her to go away, Rudra laughs saying how much love is there, first Nimrit gave her medicine, and next she’ll sing her a lullaby. But after that? What will happen? He can do anything. Amrit tells her that nothing will happen to her, Rudra says that he can do anything. Nimrit says that he won’t do anything when she is there, until Amrit is not freed from Rudra, Nimrit will stay in the palace. If Nimrit is there, Rudra can’t even touch her. Amrit tells Rudra not to let Nimrit there, as she doesn’t want Nimrit to get mixed up in all this. Rudra tells her to shut up, he asks her whether she wants Nimrit to go. Amrit nods whilst Rudra says then it that case, Nimrit shall stay here as he wants to see what she can do. Rudra tells Nimrit that to get Amrit freed, no one can do that.

Amrit tells Nimrit that she is scared if Nimrit will have to pay. Nimrit says that she doesn’t care but won’t let Rudra near Amrit and she defo save her. She is her sister and it’s her right to help her. Amrit tells her that she has a family what about them? Nimrit tells her that she’ll pacify them. Yug and Amrit happy.

Nimrit calls Agam and tells him that if Amrit stays here then she’ll die. Nimrit needs to make Amrit know that she is a woman and she can’t be treated like this. But if Agam wants her to come back then she’ll come back. Agam says that she should do whatever her heart wants. Nimrit says she knew that Agam will support her, she thanks him. He tells her to take care of herself. She says not to worry as she is Agam’s Nimrit and Rudra won’t dare do anything.

Tej says how can Agam agree to this? Agam says that Nimrit was restless and he needed to do this. Agam says that he doesn’t trust Amrit, Tej agrees. He says that if Amrit can drink poison then she can do anything to Nimrit. Agam says that if this is Amrit’s new game, then he will play this game too. He’ll find out the truth soon.

Rudra tells Nimrit that she can go as he is feeling sleepy. Nimrit says that she is his guest and she wants to stay here, with Amrit. She says that she has heard many things about how he treats his guests well, and she hopes he will do this too. She says that he is the owner of this palace and he can sleep anywhere else right? He laughs saying he likes this. Rudra tells Yug that Nimrit talks good things. Nimrit tells him good night. He tells her the same and then chuckles saying welcome home! Rudra says something about something in the neck ( I think rope) to Nimrit. Yug thinks that this will surely happen but in Rudra’s neck.

Nimrit massaging Amrit’s head and Amrit says that its like how their mother did it. Amrit says she wishes that she could sleep and never wake up. Nimrit tells her that she shouldn’t talk like that and next morning they’ll both be away from here to a safe place. Amrit says that she’ll never be safe from Rudra, he’ll never let her live safely. There is only one way to do this, get Rudra to free her himself. Amrit says she wishes that this happens.


Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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