Amrit Manthan 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 16th May 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with the girls happily dancing and Nimrit too join them..Agam comes in and in thought if he should tell Nimrit about Amrit..He says it wont be good if i tell Nimrit about Deep death now as they are so happy..He smiles and walks towards the girls..he kissed them and Bani says Daada you are not allowed to talk to Mama..Agam replies i’m here to meet you both..Nimrit says Bani tell your Daada i’m not going to talk to him..He disappears for so long hours..can someone do like this?..Bani repeats same can someone do like this?..its wrong..Agam tells jojo they have made a too tell your Mama i went for some urgent work and i’m sorry..jojo repeats same..Nimrit gets emotional and says tell your Daada tomorrow when we will be taking our vows ,there will be one more

vow in it..its that he will never leave me again..Agam replies how much work i will have, i will never leave you for a minute..Nimrit says promise and Agam says promise..Agni have an eyelock with both girls staring at them..both shout cheating and all four come closer in a hug..

Amrit taunting Yug that he is expert in all this but he is unable to trace from whom Deep got the message..Yug says you are taunting me..i’m doing my best..Bani calls Amrit and tells her that her parents are getting married tomorrow .. she should be there.Amrit asks Yug to get the job done fast as it can save Agam..Yug says i’m trying and gives Amrit a flying kiss..the glove guy is shown spying on Yug..the lady angrily says to one of the goon Amrit is hellbent to ruin my plan..she wants to know about Deep then i will let her know..Yug gets a message on Deep’s cell..Amrit reads it and its about an address ..Yug says may be noone knows about Deep death..Amrit says we should reply back to ask for meeting time..

At the palace Bani applying haldi on Agam and jojo for Nimrit..all having a happy time and Nimrit sneaks towards Agam and he does same… Bani says NO and jojo does same for Nimrit.later all dancing for the sangeet..Bani jojo talking about Nimrit not here..Bani says but how will she come as Daada is here..Jojo asks her to think ..she gets an idea.. they put Nimrit’s pallu on her head covering her face and brings her downstairs..while dancing Nimrit’s pallu slids from her head and Agam lovingly staring at her..they have an eyelock .. everyone busy dancing, he picks up Nimrit and dances with her in his arms.

The ladies..sunitaji waiting for Nimrit to come downstairs as they must go to the temple for some rituals…Bani .jojo calls for her and Nimrit in bridal wear comes downstairs.Bani tells jojo today mama is world most beautiful Mama..Bani tells her you always does something for us but today i will do it..she gets some kajal from her Dadi’s eye and applies the kala tikka to fact Nimrit was really looking beautiful in bridal wear..Sunitaji asks them to leave now but Bani says what about Daada..Sunitaji replies he will come later..

Tej getting ready and Agam brings a sherwani for him..Tej tells him its your wedding not mine..he replies yours too will happen..Tej says no i want to stay away from all this ..Agam replies i will get you married and all Amritgarh will watch it..he continues same as you have Nimrit as Babhi same i want such a sweet Babhi..i will search for my Babhi myself..Tej smiles and says do it..Agam gets a message on his cell and Tej asks him wat’s the matter.he relates all about Amrit.Tej gets worried and tells him its something to worry about as its about your life…what if Amrit is right but Agam not convinced..Tej tells him its better to be on the safeguard and there must a reason for Deep to get killed..He asks Agam to send him the address on his cell and will take the police there..Agam wants to come with him but Tej tells him to go the Temple as they all waiting there..Before going Tej hugs Agam wishing him a happy wedding.As Tej leaves ,Agam too walks towards his car..about to open the car door ,he gets hit on his head by someone..he takes Agam in a van and drove off..

Nimrit arrives at the Temple ..she prays to shivji and says she has got all happiness in Agam..she feels the most fortunate suhagaan in this world.. you have given me back my i’m so happy that even if i meet my death i wont be sad..keep my family and Agamji safe and give them all happiness..Nimrit lights the lamp and prays..

Yugam arrives at that place and Yug feels they are trapped..he asks Amrit to leave but says no..that lady not happy and they get attacked by her goons..Yug fights back and Amrit asks him to get the police..really they could have made a call from there itself to the police..Amrit alone but the goons get up and hold her captive..Agam too is brought there and Amrit shocked..she asks them to leave Agam but later they are both held captive attached with ropes..

The girls waiting for Agam..Bani tells Nimrit where is Daada?.she asks them to sit with their Dadi..she will call him but both dont answer..Nimrit tells this to sunitaji but she reassures Nimrit they will come.. Nimrit anxious and the lamp light about to go off ..she runs towards the lamp and puts her hands to sheild it from going off..That lady through her cell phone talks to Amrit ..she tells Amrit you were hellbent to ruin my plan..of what i heard you were Agam..Nimrit were always after their you want to save both of you will die and she asks one of the goon to not disconnect the phone as she wants to hear their painful cry..the guy points the pistol at Amrit and Agam looks worried..ends on the lady face with a smile..

Precap..we get our answer who is will be one very emotional Epi ..

Agam is shown in the temple with a smile on his face looking at Nimrit ..she says his Name and hugs him..he too hugs her tightly and Nimrit shocked looks at her hand with blood..Agam back is shown and the gunshot wound is there..

Update Credit to: Saveeta24

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