Amrit Manthan 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 16th July 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with all the family at the breakfast table.Rajjo tells sunitaji i had made a sweet dish ..i want you to taste it first so as to see if its well prepared or not..she agrees and goes with Rajjo in the kitchen..she feeds sunitaji the sweet dish and a bit later she starts to get breathing problems..she asks Rajjo if she has put almond in it as she has allergy to it..she asks her to get her medecine fast..Rajjo smirks watching her suffocating but dont move..Sunitaji falls down on the floor and Rajjo tells her its time for her to die..She is not Amrit but Rajjo her duplicate..she leaves from there .she acts normal at the breakfast table.jojo asks for sunitaji but Rajjo makes an excuse that she is doing work in the kitchen and asks her to leave.she has to respect her M-I-L order…A bit

later karan leaves to do some work .passing by the kitchen, he stops and says if sunitaji doing work in kitchen then why no noise..He shouts auntyji and all run to see what happenned..all worried about her and karan asks Tej lets take her to hospital..mahiji says not in this condition…Tej tries to call the doctor but in vain.Rajjo worried what if Sunitaji reveals her truth..She takes the cell from Tej and acts calling the doctor but deliberately not doing it..

Karan leaves from there and comes back with the Doctor..Rajjo not happy at all..she calls Yug relating to him about the incident and how karan got a doctor to treat sunitaji..Yug asks her to be with the family to get a chance and kill her..Sunitaji gets consciousness and on seeing Rajjo she gets agitated..she tries to say something but cant do says she has got paralysis attack..if her treatment not done on time she would have died..thanks to karan to bring me here in time and she got saved..karan asks him if there is no treatment for her paralysis..he says there is and he will tell them..all leave the room except Rajjo and kids..Jojo our smart girl sees the Tatoo on her neck and asks wat’s this ..Rajjo makes an excuse and asks them to get water for their Dadi..she starts in her haryani language that now she wont be able to say anything about her to the family..why dont she die and gets the pillow to get rid of her..about to put it on her face when she hears Nimrit footsteps..she acts good with sunitaji and Nimrit emotional seeing this..Rajjo hugging Nimrit faking her concern about sunitaji..

Nimrit caring for her M-I-L when karan comes in the room..he gives Nimrit an ayurvedic oil for sunitaji..Nimrit says Thank you to him for saving sunitaji .karan replies not to say Thank you to him..his bad deeds of the past towards them and its a chance for him to repay them ..he tells Nimrit i will tell you same what i told the kids keep your faith..everything will be fine…he tells her also about the medecines he have ordered for sunitaji and a professional will do her massage..he asks Nimrit if he can do sunitaji foot massage with the oil and she agrees..looking at Nimrit ,he saw her asleep .he takes a cushion to put it behind her head ..Nimrit wakes up and karan asks her to take rest as she is tired.he will take care of sunitaji..

Karan talking to sunitaji how she must be well soon for the family.he talks about Nimrit how much she cares for the family..he keeps praising her with sunitaji listening to him..when she is in pain i feel more pain ..when she is happy i feel good to see her smiling face..then in his inner thought he says i’m in love with Nimrit ..

Tej feeling bad for Sunitaji and Rajjo faking concern..Nimrit comes and tells him she will be fine..Tej asks Nimrit to take rest and he will be with sunitaji..Nimrit tells him karan is with its because of him she got saved ..she relates to him about the oil and other medecines..she continues he is doing so much to get her well..Rajjo not happy hearing about karan doing his best to treat sunitaji..she calls Yug and he tells her do something to get karan thrown out of the palace..Rajjo replies he is the gem of the family now even Nimrit praising him mute Yug tells her what to do and she smiles…

Precap..Nimrit picking up the phone and its Amrit..Nimrit says Amrit Di and she tells her to save her..Nimrit looks upstairs and sees Rajjo walking in the corridor..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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