Amrit Manthan 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 15th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Amrit and Yug trying to know from Diep that who is he with ? and why does he want to kill Agam ? SO Yug asked Amrit to come at a side , he asked her why is she doing this all ? when agam is the only one which is the wall between you and Bani . If he will die it will be good for us , we must help Diep , not ask him to tell the truth .. So Amrit said No Yug , i am doing this all for Bani , she was waiting for 7 years for her dad and now when he has come she is very happy and i cannot see her sad any more ..

Both BaJo were playing with Agam and their friends along their mama has come to the palace , Nimrit was talking with their mom’s and Agam was busy playing with Bani and Jojo , while the mask man Mother comes there the servant asked her with which girl is she , so

she pointed at a girl and said she is my grand daughter , Tej comes to Agam and said that we have not found Diep up till now and i have asked the officer to spread police every where to look after him .

BaJo were seeing AgNi wedding pictures and Sunita was sitting with them , Bani said see look how much handsome my daada looks while Jojo said she my mama is also looking very beautiful , they said to Sunita that why are they not in the pics , so Sunita said because you were not there in the wedding . Both look at each other , and said what ? you all did not invited us .. While Agam and Nimrit comes , BaJo said that Mama and daada has done wrong with us . So AgNi asked them what have they did ? so they replied that they have not invited Bani and Jojo in their wedding , so Nimrit said that beta because you was not there , so Both Bani and Jojo said that Oh ! there are lots of functions and we were planning to attend , now you have to re marriage for us ..

Nimrit said its doesn’t happens , so Agam comes to both the girls and said why can’t it happen again Nimrit Ji ? So Agam said done , we will do marriage once again , so nimrit said agam ji what are you saying so Agam says that when God has given us an opportunity to do marriage once more so we will do it , so BaJo asked Agam when will they marry ? so Agam said when ever you want ? so both BaJo said that tomorrow .. And then Agam said he will go and arrange the things .. Nimrit said if you want to re marriage once again they we will do it in Mandip .. This all mask man’s mother was hearing …

The mask man’s mother on phone told him that Agam and his family also doesn’t know about Diep , while Amrit’s car stopped and she came out of the car , the lady hid behind the tree , Agam comes and he sees Amrit and asked her why have she come here so Amrit told him that there some one who is trying to kill him , so Agam said as well i know you are my biggest enemy and why do you will tell me that there in a enemy of mine who is enmity with me ? so Amrit said i am doing this all for Bani and as she don’t want to lose her father and i can’t see her sad , Agam asked Amrit to leave , Amrit called Yug and said have deep said any thing so he said no . Amrit said ok i am coming there .. The lady was hearing this all and she said to Karan they she is following where is Diep and asked him to get ready his goons ..

She followed Amrit , Amrit went inside and said to Yug that have he said any thing so he said no . they asked him once more , Yug and amrit get at a side , then they come back , deep asked for water and said he will tell them everything when they will give him water … So they gave him water now both YugAm get at a side and Amrit called Agam and said he want some proves so she told him address and asked him to come here , Now the lady was planning to kill Deep , while YugAm were busy in their conversation and Deep was running , Amrit saw and told Yug to follow , they were following him , while Deep got hit by Agam’s car , while sawing Agam he started running again , And then he was killed by accident ..

Amrit and Yug were talking in home and amrit asked yug to tell the family members of deep about him , so yug said leave it , Agam comes and said its because of you only , he was running away from you , Amrit said and from you too . Agam said Amrit you can never change ..

The lady tied a flower type thing which after death some religious people tie , so she said to karan that after 24 hours it will be the time of agam’s death and then she took out red dress and said tomorrow red will be red …

Precap : The lady asked the person to keep the phone on as she want to hear agam’s cry , the goons come , Agam was tied with Ropes and suddenly a goon shot . ( it was not shown whom he shot )

Update Credit to: Mehak

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