Amrit Manthan 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 15th July 2013 Written Update

Rajjo comes to palace and is happy to see all the jewellary on her.Kids come and hug Rajjo.
Sunitha ji comes and asks to come inside as it is time for muhurat and asks Nimrit to change as well for the wedding.

Karan in Nimrit’s room
Karan hinks to himself that he would have been the luckiest person if he is really married to Nimrit in true sense. He places bangles on Nimrit’s bed and hopes she wears it even though they cannot take the place of her old bangles which he forced her to break them. He hears footsteps of Nimrit and goes away placing the bangles on bed.Nimrit comes and sees the bangles and gets emotional. Karan silently watches from far and goes away.

At the Mandap
Priest asks Tej and Rajjo who is in disguise of Amrit to exchange garlands.Prist

asks Nimrit to do kanyadaan.He calls Karan to sit beside her. Karan hesitates to come and Priest says that since Nimrit is suhagan , her husband has to sit beside her else it will not be complete .Karan comes and sits beside her. Nimrit places her hand in Tej and Rajjo’s hand as if giving away but Karan
is hesitant. Nimrit says that she wants all the rituals of her sisters wedding to be complete and then Karan places his hand as well along with Nimrit thus giving away Rajjo as kanyadaan to Tej. Tej and Rajjo then takes Saat phere and are married .(Poor Tej )
Rajjo takes blessing of all elders . Rajjo asks Jo if she took video of her wedding in her phone. Jo says yes and shows her.Rajjo sends the video to Yug and he shows it to Amrit saying he is showing the live telescast of Tej and Rajjo. Amrit is sad seeing that. Yug continues to taunt saying that Tej is his first shikaar and he says next follows suhaag Raat.
Amrit asks why he is giving pain to others if he has a problem with her. Amrit says that she will kill him if she escapes.

Tej’s room
Rajjo starts walking towards Tej’s room and Nimrit asks where she is going as Tej’s room is on thje other end. She gets shocked thinking she might get busted and tells Nimrit that is feeling tired and asks her to take her to Tej’s room/. Nimrit takes her to the decorated room.Nimrit says that she is Tej’s Bhabi and Saali also so she will go and take Nek (Money i believe) from Tej and then onle lets him into the room .
After Nimrit leaves Rajjo calls Yug and says she is ok with marriage but not with SR. Yug says he knows that and says he already planned for that. he asks her to open a gift which is in the room

Nimrit outside the room insists that she needs 5000 Rs so he can go to Amrit. Tej gives the money and comes inside. Rajjo on bed with gift in hand. Tej tries to kiss her but Rajjo stops him and says that she needs some time.She says that she is undergoing some treatment so she can be a mother of his child but needs to be seperate for a while until the treatment is done.
Tej supports her saying he is fine with as she is doing so much for him.

Next day Rajjo wakes up and sees that Tej is ready. Rajjo who kept her jewellary next to her in the night sees it missing and starts shouting saying that chori hogayi and all in her haryanvi accent. Tej sees and calls her Amrit . She looks at Tej and realises her mistake and covers that she saw that in a film and shouted the same way. She asks if Tej took the jewellary and Tej says no and Nimrit comes over and says that she took it and gave to Sunitha ji as it is a riwaaj. rajjo not happy that all the jewellary is now with Sunitha ji. Nimrit asks her to come down as all are waiting for the Rasoi ki Rasm.

In the Kitchen

Rajjo complains to Yug that she did not get the jewelary and also she is doing all the kitchen cooking work which she never imagined. Yug asks her to finish of Sunitha ji and he gives her a clue that she is allergic to Badam and Sarson ki Tel as he heard Nimrit saying it once. Amrit who is listening shouts at Yug not to do it .

Precap : Rajjo feeds sweet to Sunitha ji and she asks if she usd badam and Sarson ka tel as she falls down.. Rajjo sees Sunita ji fall on the ground and smirks

Update Credit to: Saina

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