Amrit Manthan 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 14th May 2013 Written Update

Sadly Its a build up of Agam upcoming death..He has some good family moment indicating his family will cherish them in future..

Epi starts with the lady with Nimrit..Agam..Bani pics..she says you are happy with your Agam and Bani..these happiness wont last for long as i will snatch it soon..she continues in an emotional way that the wound is still raw of what i have lost..Nimrit will have to pay for it and burns the pics..Deep and karan silently watching tears she takes out a red bridal saree from the cupboard and says i could not do anything at that Agam has to leave this world and that too very soon…This is a curse of that bride who could never be one..Now thats really intriguing..who was that bride and how Nimrit responsible for it?..Deep says tomorrow is Agam’s

daughter treatment..should i go ?..the lady says are you crazy ? will help were just a medium to bring Agam to Amritgarh and now you will disappear so as noone can find you..she continues if Agam gets to know you are with us then our future plan will get spoiled..

Agam and his three Angels..

sweet moment of Agni and daughters..its morning Nimrit cosily sleeping in Agam’s arms and the two angels staring at them..Jojo says Bani Di last night mama was sleeping to my side come she is there..Bani says i dont know jojo..Nimrit wakes up and so does Agam and both embarrassed seeing both girls staring at them..Nimrit steps out of Bed..Bani says mama last night you were sleeping on jojo’s side how come you went by Daada’sside..Agam replies one minute i will tell you what happenned and Nimrit shakes his leg not to say anything but he winks at her .he tells them last night your mama had a bad dream ..she was scared and thats why she came to my side and i told her a very nice story and fell asleep..Nimrit shyly smiling listening to are so innocent ..jojo tells Nimrit you did correct and now everytime you get scared you sleep with Bani ke Papa..Bani also agrees with her..Agam too says very well said .you three are my sweet angels and i wont ever let you get scared as i will keep you all always in my heart..Bani hugs himsaying i love you Daada.jojo does same and Agam signals Nimrit to do same but she feels shy..Agam pulls her and all four in a tight hug on bed..Tej enters the room and says why you all doing wrestling..Agam replies its not fight but love..Tej says if it so let me join in and Nimrit all smile watching all four in a hug..she kisseed her mangalsutra..really gets me emotional as this family will go through a bad phase and their happiness destroyed once again..

Deep going out of town and Yug succeeds in making him unconscious..he calls Amrit and tells her you can go to the hospital as the Donor is with me..Agni..Tej waiting for him and get worried as nurse tells them Doctor willeave in 5 minutes..Amrit comes there and says i’m ready to help..Agam not happy to see her there and doubts on her..Finally Nimrit ..Tej convinced him to let her help Bani..Amrit a bit weak after the blood transfusion going towards Bani’s room to se her..Agam stopped her and tells i have let you help us but i wont let you se my the doorstep Amrit says bye to Bani..she tells Nimrit is Amrit maasi fine..Nimrit tells her i will check ..Amrit weak not able to walk feeling dizzy and Nimrit helps her..from the flask she gives her tea to drink..awkward moment for both but feel good to see the sisters together without any rudeness from Amrit…

Amrit going home when Agam asks her where is Deep?..i know you must be behind all this but Amrit keeps quiet..Tej comes there and says i have searched his room and i got a says dont look for me i wont be back..Agam says its strange how can he do it..he betrayed us.. Amrit gets in thought and says may be Yug did it so as we wont get suspected..Tej tells Agam he was only interested in money and Amrit says i wont do like this..whenever Bani needs me i will be there..Agam tells her dont get in this misconception that in exchange of your help i will give you my daughter..Amrit says no Agam for me Bani ‘s health is my priority and i promised her i wont take her away from her family…

At the palace Agam succeeds in building a house of cards..he tells Tej you remember in our childhood i used to do it..Tej replies i remember and i will always break it and you will run after me..Agam says but this house wont break because i am doing it for Gurbani and jojo..the girls come with their friends..Bani proudly tells them this is my Daada..Nimrit tells him its their friends and wanted to meet you ..Agam says thats true i’m Bani’s Daada..Bani tells them now my Father will come in every function at school..Agam tells them i will leave my girls to school and pick them up also..Jojo says you know Bani’s Daada can ride motorcycle very fast and he is so strong that he can beat of the friend tells your Dad is a hero..Bani says yes and he has travelled to so many places in the world..jojo says thats true he has gone to London.. England.. France.. Paris..New york..America.Tej picks her up and says Paris in France and same for London is in England..jojo says so what he has gone to both places papa..One of the girl asks Agam wat’s his favourite place..he replies my home ..he picks up Bani in his arms and pulls Nimrit close to him saying with my family and best Bro in the world..

The lady anxious not getting news about Deep.she says he does not know anyone in Amritgarh and not that kind of guy to backfire our plan..i must go to the palace and find a clue about the whereabout of Deep..Yug asks Amrit if everything fine and if Agam has misbehaved with her.Amrit says yes Agam was rude but he is not to be blamed..we have done so much harm to them so its obvious he will not believe me ..Yug says what about Nimrit..Amritreplies shetook so much care of sister hasa big heart..i have done so much harm to her ..shoot Agam still shewants to give me another chance..Yug perplexed to hear Amrit praising Nimrit..he touches her forehead and says are you ok?..after so long i’m hearing you talking so good about Nimrit..she tries to cover up saying its not like that .. i got drown in emotion..Yug staring at her with a smile..she tells him about the letter and Yug says indid not do anything,..thats how on Deep cell they got the message about Agni death..

Precap Amrit telling Agam about Deep amnd his mission but he is not ready to believe her..The lady hears it all as Amrit calls Yug to tell him Agam will believe us if he hears it from Deep himself..The lady says to someone o the phone..i’m coming there where deep is being kept..Amrit calls Agam saying you need proof..i will give you the address ..come there and you will get your proof..

Amrit has done so much sins in the past and Agam not believing her is also right..first time Amrit going to do something good for Agam per article he will get shot surely by that lady .the bad thing the blame and misunderstanding may crop in again as its Amrit who called Agam there …

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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