Amrit Manthan 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 14th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with brides mom crying that the necklace is lost and Tej enquires the bride when she saw it last and she says that it was there until she and Goldie (Groom’s name ) were dancing and then the light went off. Tej asks where is Goldie and Brides mom replies that he went to talk on phone to his canada wala uncle . Tej after searching returns with fake beard and wigs of Yugam (Yug and Amrit ) and says that they both are fake and they are here not to marry but to steal Kohli’s money. Every one at the party is shocked to hear this.

Outside the house , Yugam in the car all set to flee form the scene and happy that their plan is successful.Amrit feels that her purse is very light inspite of the necklace being so expensive.
They start to drive off when Amrit realizes

that the necklace is not in her purse. she is fuming with anger and Yug says that he has put in a purse as per her instructions and they both realize that yug has put the necklace in a wrong purse. They think that they both cannot return to the party also as everybody knows of their plan by now.

Bani and Jo searching for their father in the party comes to the spot where Bani left her purse earlier..Jo reminds her that her purse is lying there and Bani picks it up .She sees her dada leaving from the party and follows him in a rush leaving crying Jo behind. She comes outside and sits in Yugam’s car and say to Yug “Hey driver , take me to my dada” ( Attitutude was bang on by Bani )Yugam surprised asks who she is and Amrit equally shocked screams to get out of her car..There will be a police car coming from the opposite direction and Bani says that she will go in the police car if they can’t help her. Hearing police Yug gets scared and decides to drive her to her dada inspite of Amrit denying..Bani give tough time instructing continuosly to take them to their dad.Amrit gets angry and pulls her out of the car. Yugam starts the car to go leaving bani but Yug sees Bani taking out the Haar from the purse from the car mirror and stops . Amrit gets out to take the haar from Bani.
Bani stops Amrit from taking as it is in her purse. Amrit tries to slap but bani stops and gives a good lecture on Manners and how rude she is ( Please watch this scen..amazing scene between Bani and Amrit). Amrit fuming even more with anger tries to get the necklace by force but Bani wouldn’t give in..Yug stops Amrit and he says that he will handle as he is good with kids.
yug convincingly tells Bani that he left the necklace in her purse by mistake instead of Amrit’s purse and it was a valentine’s gift to Amrit..Bani agrees to give on one condition that Amrit says sorry and do 10 situps for her behaviour. Amrit denies but Yug pleads and requests her to do and she does 10 sit ups as saying sorry with fumes coming out of her face ..
Bani fnally gives yug the necklace and warns him to give to gift it to Amrit only when she learns manners. Once they take the necklace both sit in the car and Bani asks them to take her to her dad..Amrit says sure but makes sure all doors are locked and leaves her on the road and tells her to go by her own for messing with her.

Bani alone on the road cries and searches for her Mom on the road .. At the party Jo is crying and Nimrit and Tej rushes to her to enquire . Jo says to Nimrit and Tej that Bani left the place in search of her dad and Nimrit anf Tej set out to search her

Agam brings drunk Vishal home and Vishal in drunken state thanks agam from the botton of his heart and wishes him all happiness in his life. Agam lets Vishal sleep and wonders what his past is and how he can find happiness . he wishes that he gets back his lost past and his lost identity.

Yug all praises how beautiful the necklace is and Amrit fuming how rude the girl is .Yug teases Amrit that a small girl has made Amrit do sit ups and Amrit says that Yug is blind that he did not see that she has left the girl on the road alone for messing up with her .
She says Princess Amrit has won.

Precap – Agam comes to bani’s rescue when some goons attacking her ( didn’t see properly as the scene was cut in the site i was watching )

Update Credit to: Saina

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