Amrit Manthan 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 12th February 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Nimrit sitting with the girls at their table..She asked them if they are enjoying..they reply yes..Nimrit sees her friend ..she asks the girls to come with her to meet her friend..Gurbani says no as they are feeling hungry..Nimrit says ok but till i dont get back dont move from here..jyothi in her filmy mode says you can leave us two girls here on God’s promise..Gurbani says here you go repeat telecast….really too good these girls..Nimrit again asks them to not move from here..Gurbani so smartly tells her mama its not a road or market but a house that we will get lost..Nimrit laughs and go away..Jyothi has full plates and cold drinks in front of her..she is eating chips..having her cold drink..Gurbani says wat’s this jojo dont have

can you eat so much and have so many cold drinks at a time..jyothi replies all are so tasty so i get confuse what to eat…Gurbani turns her face away saying i’m not with you..jyothi laughs and says kohli uncle knows so many big personalities.. may be he has invited my unsse..poor baby she dont take ranbir name…Gurbani says if you are lucky may be you can meet him..i’m sure my wishes will be fulfilled..Jyothi asks her how you are so sure..she replies i have prayed to Babajee and Ganeshji..they are two powerful Gods..Nimrit coming to meet them gets emotional listening to she wants her Daada to make this valentine day special for her mama..she goes away from there in tears..Tej meets her up and asks her wat’s the matter.Nimrit tells Tej how much she wants too her daughter’s wish is fulfilled..Tej tells Nimrit yours and Gurbani bond .love is too deep..her heart is pure and we dont know when God can do something unexpected..Tej asks her lets go to meet the kids..

Nimrit wiping her tears and the song Tu mera Aina in BG ..walking away and just then Agam enters with Vishal..she feels something and looks back..Same for Agam he too felt something..Nimrit says why this attraction as if someone is here and calling me..she tries to look at the entrance but all gathered there and dancing ..The Durga Ma mantra playing as Nimrit walks towards Agam and he too coming towards Nimrit but its a hit and miss ..Same happens a second time they nearly met each other but this time vishal takes Agam away..

Amrit ..Yug enters and already planning how to steal kohli ..priya wearing the necklace and both eyeing it with a smile..kohli tells them after ring ceremony there will be a mask dance for valentine day..Amrit says you have make our work so easy..Amrit tells Yug i will keep my purse there on the table..once the light goes off you can put the necklace in my kohli tells Amrit to come meet his friends..the sehgal brothers..businessmen..Amrit looks at Yug and both already happy to get their next target..Agam had his back to them so they could only see vishal..All three walking towards vishal..Agam..vishal tells Agam enjoy the party and he replies you do know i dont like this much..kohli calls vishal and he meets Amrit..Yug..Amrit acting and asks vishal where is his wife..he tells her i’m not married and this make both happy..Agam gets a call and moves away just when vishal was about to introduce him to Amrit..Yug..

..Nimrit comes and tells them wont they meet the dulhan..priya’s mom asks Nimrit to meet her daughter’s in law..walking towards Amrit who was talking to vishal when jyothi tells Nimrit she wants to go to washroom..Gurbani says so many cold drinks she has drunk its obvious she will need washroom..vishal takes his leave from Amrit to meet other friends..Amrit tells Yug our next target..single and rich…poor vishal i can see him already trapped in Amrit’s plan..

Gurbani looking at the entrance and Tej tells her wat’s is she doing here..she tells Tej my Daada is in mumbai wont he come here.Vishal meets Tej and is friendly with him..Tej is perplexed as he is not recognising vishal..he introduces himself and tells Tej how he knows him.his dad too was in army who always talked about him.he saw his pic in the newspaper also..Nimrit and kids meet vishal and he was about to say he is here with his business partner..friend..bro and say Agam name when kohli announces the ring ceremony..Nimrit cant see anything from her place..she decides to congratulate them later..Yug shows his ring to Amrit and it ends on her smiling face..

Precap…Agni dancing on the veer zaara song..both touching each other face ..

Agni hit and misses as their meeting will be special tomorrow..Hoping Gurbani too gets to meet and hug her Daada..

The show post leap is indeed a must watch ..story very intriguing and not to forget the two cute angels are really adorable in their acting..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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