Amrit Manthan 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 11th February 2013 Written Update

Episode opens with Yug and Amrit planning how they can loot kohli’s pushtaini haar and disappear from the scene.Yug has a intense wound on his hand and Amrit asks why he just removes it through plastic surgery.Yug refuses to do so as it reminds him of Amritgarh and specially that night when everything turned upside down and all thought that they were dead .Flashback shows how Amrit and yug had an accident and their car blows up on fire. Amrit says that incident has not only made people think that they are dead but also their sins got washed away as they got a new azaad life where they can do anything they want and can enjoy their life on their own terms.Yug wonders how Nimrit is and Amrit says thay Nimrit must be living dead as Agam is dead. Amrit says Nimrit lost everything and is

a looser whereas they are enjoying their lifes
Scene shift to palace with the kids ( Oh Thank God )
Jo jo sits silently and in deep thoughts on bed and Tej enquires why she is sitting silently and didn’t drink milk.Jo says that she needs a Bhai . Tej gets shocked and asks what kind of demand is this and Jo says that in serials they show that herione’s brother will do anything for her.
Bani says she will also do anything for Jo as she takes care of her and she will even help her meet Ranbir. Jo agrees that her sister takes care of her and saying so she ties friendship band as Rakhi to Bani..Nimrit enters the room and gets Flashback of how she used to tie Rakhi
to Amrit and in the heat of emotion snatches the band saying not to tie..But when kids asks why she says that they can do it on Rakshbandhan.Tej enquires Nimrit’s behaviour and consoles Nimrit that what happened between Nimrit and Amrit does not necessariliy mean happens to their kids as well.He requests Nimrit to forget the past and especially Amrit. Nimrit says how can she forget Amrit who took agam, her love, her life and everything away from her.She says that she stopped the kids from tying the band as she doesn’t want history to repeat and she knows how much it hurts when the trust is broken.
Nimrit gets ready to go to Mumbai and asks Mahi and Sunitha to take care of themselves.Jojo and Bani doing pooja before leaving and Jo wishing to vaheguru that she meet Ranbir and Bani wishing to meet her dad and Bani places a flower in front of God.Scene shifts to Agam picking up similar flower which fell from vaheguru’s photo when he is looking at some files.When Agam says where did this flower come from Vishal says that this is sign that Kohli is the person who can change their lives. He also says that he has a strong gut feeling that in Kohli’s engagment party some great work is going to happen to them.
Flight lands and they show Tej,Nimrit ,Bani andJo in one car; amrit and Yug in one car ; Agam and Vishal in one car all heading to Kohli’s place for the Party.Jo and Bani talk to their Dada on phone giving live telecast of Bombai darshan .Car stops at traffic light and Bani enquires the nearby place where she hears the bell sound from .Nimrit prays and says it is Mumbai’s famous siddhi Vinayak temple and anybody prays here will be granted their wish.
Bani prays to God to let her meet her dad and if her dad comes in Brown suit it will be more nice as brown is her mom fav color.Agam’s car stops next to bani’s car with ganapti mantra playing in the BG and Agam wearing brown suit . Agam casually turns and looks at the next car.
Agam looks at Bani and Bani sweetly smiles at him but Agam looks at her with no expression.. Bani disheartens puts her tongue out and teases Agam to which Agam playfully scares her. Bani complains to her mom that the uncle is scaring her and when Nimrit turns her head she sees both men (vishal and Agam)busily talking on cell phones facing sidewards .Nimrit consoles that uncles is on phone and could not scare her.Another car stops by next to Bani’s car (other side ) which is of Amrit and Yug . All three cars next to each other but nobody sees each other except Agam who sees bani and may be Nimrit but he doesn’t remember them.

Scene at Kohli’s party
Tej,Nimrit arrive with Kiddos and greet Kohli..Tej enquires that the decoration is different and Kohli says that today being valentine’s day his daughter insisted that the decoration be that way .
Yug and Amrit in room discusses who their next target is and Amrit says that the part will have lot of Big Business people coming over and they will make one of them their scapegoat. Kohli enters the room and gives some money ( i guess he gives it to donate ..he spoke punjabi which i did not understand ) and requests to come down as guests are waiting.Agam and Yug decided to meet the guests and episode ends

Precap: Agam enters the party and Nimrit senses his presence with BG playing along..

Update Credit to: Saina

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