Amrit Manthan 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 10th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nimrit coming towards Amrit and Yug , she said you know Amrit what ! you are really changing but your evilness has over come your good deeds , I came to your home to see whether you are changed or just acting to be changed . But there I saw your love as a mother , and i thought you have really changed , seeing your love i just remembered our childhood , When my Amrit Di take care of me not like a sister but like a mother , who loved me very much , and same feelings i saw for Bani in your eyes , I can understand you and that’s why i have bought Bani along with me .
Bani came walking , Amrit become very happy , Amrit hug Bani , She kissed Bani and said Bani do you know that i love you so much . I really Miss you Bani , Bani said Amrit aunt I too miss you , but please

you agree with me on one thing , that you will never do wrong things , how much you took care of me , these memories are very sweet for me , and i will keep them in my heart forever , she said Be good Aunt , never do wrong things and never trouble any one , she move her hand up towards Amrit and said promise ! Amrit kept her hand on Bani’s hand and said Promise . Amrit said I will never do any thing wrong , Ok . She kissed Bani’s hand , While on the other hand Jojo came running taking Amrit’s Name , “Amrit Aunty ” she hold Amrit’s hand and said I also wants to say Thank you to you , She said you took so much care of me and which bangle you gave me i have wore it she showed it to Amrit , and said thank you for this also . She also said thank you to Yug , Nimrit asked both Bani and Jojo to go inside , while Bani asks Amrit to come down , and both Bani and Jojo kissed her , & said bye to Amrit , Nimrit said to Amrit that today i have let you meet Bani for the last time , I cannot go opposite to Agam Ji’s order , his orders means a lot to me , You have heard what Bani wants , she has hope that there is a good person inside you , and Same as of Bani i too agree , and then Nimrit Left from there .

Nimrit went to Agam and said i am sorry , Agam said its Ok Amrit can meet last time to Bani , The mask man Diep planned that they will kill Agam when the right time will come , one more thing listened that their enemy is with nimrit and so that’s why Nimrit loves Agam and they will kill him , then a woman came and she asked Karan why not killing him now > so they said for the right time they are waiting , BaJo decided to go for picnic and the whole family also agreed . \

The family enjoyed the picnic a lot , and they leave from there , Amrit heard a woman shouting Bani , she was her daughter , she was running on the road amrit hold her and gave her to her mom , Agam saw his bike , he hold Nimrit’s hand and said today we will go and on bike some where outside alone , BaJo comes and asked them what is going on ? Agam said i and ur mama is going outside on Bike, both said we will go too , Agam said oh i am feeling hungry , we will go any else day on bike and today is ice cream party …

Then nimrit was leaving agam hold her hand and said that what is this ? nimrit said we are parents now , and we should be happy in out children happiness , agam said but do u know what do i want ? he said i want more kids , one , cute baby boy , Nimrit said what are you saying agam siad yes , and so both the girls will get a brother too .. Diep was watching this all , he told it to Karan , Karan asked him to made a problem in Agam’s car breaks , Agam and Bani went outside and then the episode ended ..

Precap : Agam’s care breaks not working and Amrit and Yug’s car was at his car’s back they said why is agam riding car so fastly ? while a truck came infront of agam car and agam’s car hit by tree .

Update Credit to: Mehak

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