AMOR – shades of Love n Life (Intro)


Hi Everyone…….. This Sueno. This is my first FF. I wanted to write it from very long time ass I had this concept but din’t got a opportunity to write. I’m writing this as I got inspiration from other FF’s. I hv no words to say as how u ppl r studying n working on ff’s as well. Its jus commendable. After reading these ff I thot to giv my mind a bit of work.
:-p :-p

Sorry guyz as im not a writer n I don hav a bone of writer in me. Bt thn I wana try ths out, bt I vl b writing only 2 chap’s. If n only if u guyz lyk it I wud b continuing it further. So, plz do comments.

So here it goes, Intro of Characters:


Swara Rajshekar : An average looking gal ( only according to her ), Introvertive, reserved for unknown people. Her charcter is a Mystery guyz. :-p Apple of her Family Members. She s of 24.
Sumithra Rajshekar (Sumi) : Mom of Swara, Works as an Art Teacher in an Orphanage n Mentally challenged Childern.
Swayam Rajshekar : Elder brother of Swara n Eldest Son of Sumi. CEO of Rajshekar Group of Companies. He s of 30.
Rihaan Rajshekar : Second Eldest brother of Swara n Second Son of Sumi. Works with his Brother in his Firm. He s of 27.


Sanskaar Maheshwari : An handsome, heart throbbing, arrogant n angry young man. He is of 26.
Durga Prasad Maheshwari : Father of Sankaar, IAS Officer. Very Strict from outside bt soft from inside but never shows that to anyone.
Annapurana Maheshwari : Mother of Sankaar, Housewife. Never goes against her husband’s words. Sweet, Caring n lovable Lady.
Siddharth Maheshwari : As handsome as Elder Brother,Sanskaar. Vry Flirty type bt Nvr hurts any gals feelings In short, Healthy Flirting.

Here are some imp Characters of Swara n Sanskaar’s Life :

Ragini , Aaryan n Niharika : Swara’s Bestiees. Ragini s d Bestest of al.
Laksh n Jayanth : Sankaar’s Bestiees. Laksh s Bestest of both.

So Guyz I hv given d intro of Characters. Hopefully u al lyk it. Finger’s Crossed.

P.S : My inspirational FF’s i.e; d FF’s I lov to read are Anjali, Anu, Meher, Brusha, Sam, Mandy, Lila etc., Sorry guyz if I forgot mention any other names. Forgive me.

Sorry for d errors n grammatical mistakes. Plz try to read n encourage me. U r free critizise me as well 

Credit to: Sueno

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  1. Well i am looking forward to the upcoming episode as i need to know d story. So please update the next episode asap.???

    1. Thank u so much dear. I vl try to update nxt soon ?

  2. Wow swasan ff……

    1. Yp its a Swasan ff….. As I’m fan of thr Jodi?

  3. Awesome pls update asap

    1. I vl try my level best to update as soon as possible…… ? Thnks alot

  4. Go ahead Dear.. waiting for ur ff..☺????????

    1. Thnk u dear?

    1. Thnks ?

  5. Awsome

    1. Thnks bresh…..?

  6. Omg Suneo! When u told me about ur ff I couldn’t sleep. Its 3:30 right now but Loving the intro and waiting for the next part :):)

    Love ya! ♥♥

    1. O my sweetie pie, baby sis…….. Ummmahhh……???
      Thnk u baby………. Fr waiting bt thn tke care of u health too dea…….
      I vl try my level best to make it interesting n good??

  7. Hoping 4 d best 🙂 😉

    1. I vl try my level best to make it interesting…… As I’m new as a writer….. I might do alot of mistakes so plz u can giv me tips n shw wt wrng I hd done so tht I can change it?

  8. interesting. plz continue

    1. Thnk uuu?

  9. very interesting. Post next soon. I loved ur name very much cuz i love doremon hehehe. I know it wont be ur real name still its very nice.

    1. Hy thnks…… I vl b posting it soon…… As I’m new as a writer I need tym to thnk n write…… Hope u guyz undrstnd…….. Btw Sueño its as I can’t typ it in lappy……. It means dreams…….

  10. interesting..and awesome plz update ep1

    1. Thnks…… Vl update soon……

  11. Hey suneno..! This was really Interesting.. Continue soon..! ♥

    1. Thnks……..?

  12. ???? the intro….

    Am waiting eagerly…. ???

    1. Aweeeeee TE……. I vl try to do it soon as u knw I’m new to this…….. So I want to complete it……. Bt dn wry I vl my level best to make it good??

  13. ???just simply superb intro.
    Waiting for the 1st one eagerly with lots of excitement ??

    1. Hya…… Thnk u?

  14. Sorry for the late comment dear.
    Promising start
    Update asap
    Bye n take care

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