AMOR – shades of Love n Life (Intro)

Hi Everyone…….. This Sueno. This is my first FF. I wanted to write it from very long time ass I had this concept but din’t got a opportunity to write. I’m writing this as I got inspiration from other FF’s. I hv no words to say as how u ppl r studying n working on ff’s as well. Its jus commendable. After reading these ff I thot to giv my mind a bit of work.
:-p :-p

Sorry guyz as im not a writer n I don hav a bone of writer in me. Bt thn I wana try ths out, bt I vl b writing only 2 chap’s. If n only if u guyz lyk it I wud b continuing it further. So, plz do comments.

So here it goes, Intro of Characters:


Swara Rajshekar : An average looking gal ( only according to her ), Introvertive, reserved for unknown people. Her charcter is a Mystery guyz. :-p Apple of her Family Members. She s of 24.
Sumithra Rajshekar (Sumi) : Mom of Swara, Works as an Art Teacher in an Orphanage n Mentally challenged Childern.
Swayam Rajshekar : Elder brother of Swara n Eldest Son of Sumi. CEO of Rajshekar Group of Companies. He s of 30.
Rihaan Rajshekar : Second Eldest brother of Swara n Second Son of Sumi. Works with his Brother in his Firm. He s of 27.


Sanskaar Maheshwari : An handsome, heart throbbing, arrogant n angry young man. He is of 26.
Durga Prasad Maheshwari : Father of Sankaar, IAS Officer. Very Strict from outside bt soft from inside but never shows that to anyone.
Annapurana Maheshwari : Mother of Sankaar, Housewife. Never goes against her husband’s words. Sweet, Caring n lovable Lady.
Siddharth Maheshwari : As handsome as Elder Brother,Sanskaar. Vry Flirty type bt Nvr hurts any gals feelings In short, Healthy Flirting.

Here are some imp Characters of Swara n Sanskaar’s Life :

Ragini , Aaryan n Niharika : Swara’s Bestiees. Ragini s d Bestest of al.
Laksh n Jayanth : Sankaar’s Bestiees. Laksh s Bestest of both.

So Guyz I hv given d intro of Characters. Hopefully u al lyk it. Finger’s Crossed.

P.S : My inspirational FF’s i.e; d FF’s I lov to read are Anjali, Anu, Meher, Brusha, Sam, Mandy, Lila etc., Sorry guyz if I forgot mention any other names. Forgive me.

Sorry for d errors n grammatical mistakes. Plz try to read n encourage me. U r free critizise me as well 

Credit to: Sueno


  1. kavya

    Well i am looking forward to the upcoming episode as i need to know d story. So please update the next episode asap.???

  2. Anu

    Omg Suneo! When u told me about ur ff I couldn’t sleep. Its 3:30 right now but Loving the intro and waiting for the next part :):)

    Love ya! ♥♥

    • Sueño

      O my sweetie pie, baby sis…….. Ummmahhh……???
      Thnk u baby………. Fr waiting bt thn tke care of u health too dea…….
      I vl try my level best to make it interesting n good??

    • Sueño

      I vl try my level best to make it interesting…… As I’m new as a writer….. I might do alot of mistakes so plz u can giv me tips n shw wt wrng I hd done so tht I can change it?

  3. Sree

    very interesting. Post next soon. I loved ur name very much cuz i love doremon hehehe. I know it wont be ur real name still its very nice.

    • Sueño

      Hy thnks…… I vl b posting it soon…… As I’m new as a writer I need tym to thnk n write…… Hope u guyz undrstnd…….. Btw Sueño its as I can’t typ it in lappy……. It means dreams…….

    • Sueño

      Aweeeeee TE……. I vl try to do it soon as u knw I’m new to this…….. So I want to complete it……. Bt dn wry I vl my level best to make it good??

  4. Dharsha

    ???just simply superb intro.
    Waiting for the 1st one eagerly with lots of excitement ??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.