Amita Ka Amit 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 9th October 2013 Written Update

Father tells Amu they will have to close this orphanage. You very well know that this land is someone else’s and they have sold it to some other people now. The new owner wants to make a housing project on this land. Amu is shocked. They cannot do this. Don’t they know how well we are doing? What will happen to the future of our kids? They cannot do this. He makes her understand that legally they are right. Plus the lease is over too. Amu says it might be legally but if someone’s heart can allow for something like that? You give me their number I will talk to them. Not everything is bought with money. The owner can do a lot much by making a new building for these kids. He tries to tell her it is not possible but she insists. He says he is waiting in the guest house. She tells him

not to come with him. He blesses her.

Amu is walking and sees a man working on his lappy. Amit has his back towards her. Before she can say anything a few kids come and drag Amu from there. Amit turns feeling someone but there is no one so he gets back to his work.

The kids have blindfolded Amu and take her to a room. She is surprised when she sees a cake on the table. They all very sweetly tell her she has completed 4 months with them. When you will turn a year older here then we will get a bigger cake for you. Amu gets emotional. She recalls Father’s words about the sale of this land. The kids sing a happy four months to didi as Amu cuts the cake and feeds everyone. She is really touched by the whole gesture by the kids. They ask her if she is missing her mom that’s why crying. She nods. They suggest her to talk to her mom. We don’t have a mom but atleast you do. She agrees with them. The kids are playing outside. Amu rings up Varsha. She is happy that Amu called her so soon. Amu tells her she is missing her that’s why she called. Varsha too misses her a lot. But now memories wont do come back please. Amu agrees. Varsha senses that she sounds a little upset. Is everything all right?

Amit is on phone with Fallu. I wont take any more work. Fallu is upset as he dint call her when he dint leave Lonavala yet. He replies there are some problems in obtaining this land. As soon as things are fine I will leave. She rues we have everything by God’s grace why are you running after all that. This is the time to take care of yourself. He gets irritated with her. You start lecturing me all the time. She agrees not to….but just take care of yourself.

Amu, on the other hand, agrees to take care of herself. She disconnects the call. Amu is called by Father. They are going somewhere. They are going to talk to the owner and are taking some records of the kids in the orphanage with them. She wonders what’s the point of showing all this to him when he has decided he will buy the land. Father says he might feel he would be taking away their chance for a better future. They knock on the door and are greeted by some J. K. Lakhani. Father says I met someone else earlier. He tells them that he would have met his partner earlier. He has gone out to get some papers ready. You can tell me if you wish to. Father hands over the records to him. It is the history of this orphanage. You will get to know how many kids from this orphanage get a chance to be independent every year. Lakhani replies that business and emotions don’t go hand in hand. I am a businessman if I start thinking this way then when will I start earning the profit. Amu speaks up now. You cannot always weigh profit and loss through money. You cannot even imagine what will happen to these kids if they are deprived of this shelter. They might turn into thieves; roam astray on roads or anything. It will be a loss for the whole world. Father tries to stop her but she instead tells him to let her speak. Life cannot go on like a balance sheet. You are selling your conscience by buying this land. You are not doing it right. He calls it business. She gets really worked up. Your partner thinks the same thing? Lakhani agrees. Father stops her as he senses she is going to argue. He asks for some months’ time. We cannot leave with all the kids so soon. Lakhani gives them a month’s time. Amu is angry but father stops her again. Father advices Lakhani to check these papers once if he gets time. Lakhani nods. Amu exits with Father from one side whereas Amit enters from the other.


Amit asks Lakhani about what that girl and Father came to say to him. Lakhani replies what everyone comes to say in such conditions generally about where would they take their kids in such a short span of time. But how will we do business if we start thinking like that. We do feel bad but there is nothing much we can do. They have been given a month to vacate this place. He gives Amit some papers to sign and Amit obliges. He notices the record papers brought by Father. Lakhani dismisses they are nothing. He gets nervous, picks them up and leaves from there.

Amit sits down to do some work but is distracted by the noise the kids are making outside while playing cricket. He peers out his window and shouts at the kids to keep quiet as he is working. The kids go quiet for a minute but then resume shouting in glee. A kid hits the ball so hard that it comes in Amit’s room. He is obviously disturbed and angry. The kids ask for their ball but Amit decides against returning it. All the kids get sad. Amit is irritated.

Amu comes out and notices the sad faces of the kids. They tell him everything. They call Amit khadus. Amu decides to teach him a lesson. She had brought another ball with her for the kids but she now decides to throw it in the guest’s room and see how he reacts. She winks at the kids who all get up and follow her. All the kids cover their ears as Amu throws the ball inside. It hits a vase and Amit is distracted by the noise. He is angry and is about to shout at them but stops.


Amit thinks they are doing it intentionally so that I get irritated but that wont happen. The kids tell Amu that uncle isn’t coming back with their ball. She says he will have to. The kids start shouting for uncle and their ball which irks Amit really bad. Amit gets angrier. Keep shouting I wont give. The kids turn to Amu. We lost another ball because of you. She suggests going inside to get the ball if he isn’t coming out. The kids are real scared of that uncle (Amit). They deny at first but Amu boosts them so leaves with four kids to go and get the ball.

Amu tells the kids to go inside while she will wait outside. The kids go reluctantly. They are really scared as they enter Amit’s room. One of the kids calls out to him. amit says I would have given earlier but now I wont. I know you are trying to trouble me. Who threw it say it? He holds the hand of a boy and starts shouting and asking questions. The kid gets real scared and calls out for didi. Amit tells him to call anyone but he wont leave him come what may. Amu hears it and runs inside wondering if something happened to the kid. Amu comes in shouting at him if this is a way to talk to the kids. Amit notices her first and goes speechless. Amu embraces the kids first and goes quiet as she looks at him. They continue staring at each other for a long time. The kids tell Amu to get the ball from khadus uncle. Amit holds out the ball on his own for the kids. Amu takes it. They both don’t take their eyes off each other.

Precap: Amu tells Amit this orphanage is the home of these kids. If you take it away from them then where will they go? Amit replies they can go to another orphanage. She says they wont get another shelter. He offers to help her. She taunts him. First you break home and then want to give another home to someone! He retorts….there are some kind of people who first set up a home and then break it.

Update Credit to: pooja

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