Amita Ka Amit 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 9th May 2013 Written Update

Amit takes a different route towards their home and Ammu asks him about the same. He stops the car on the highway and gets off. She wonders why they have stopped there. Amit comes back holding 2 ice-creams (awww…so sweet) and hides it behind himself. He asks her to come out. She again questions him but he asks her to come. She goes out reluctantly. He brings forward the ice cream. She says I dint ask for it (she looks cute when angry). He replies I know you dint. But I had scolded you in the morning and since then your mood is off. Plus whenever you’re upset you eat ice cream so….. He goes quiet for a moment then apologizes for speaking to her like that. He is still holding the ice cream and says if she doesn’t wanna have then he will throw it.
She asks him to give it to him. Both

start eating the ice cream happily. Even though Ammu smiles but she quickly changes her expressions when he turns to look at her. (He looks very cute!)
Ammu gets an ice-cream mark on her nose. He notices this and tries to tell her the same. She doesn’t understand. But when he is about to wipe it off she turns and checks out in the rear view mirror of the car. She cleans it herself. Amit smiles again looking at her actions.
Ammu says Amit you don’t have to stay at my home. I will manage my parents somehow. Amit says no issues. I can stay. Whatever important work I had is already done.
She says but you wont find 2 separate rooms to sleep here at my home. Plus, my room is small too. He says I can do at least this much for your family. And its a matter of few days only. If you don’t have any problem then I too wont have any problem. He looks at her for an answer and she nods in agreement. Both sit back in the car.

They enter Shah House and he asks her if he can work from home at her place. She agrees of course she can. You are coming that is more than enough for us.
Fallu comes up to them asking him where he was, why he wasn’t picking the phone. Go and pack your luggage for 2-3 days. He asks her where they are going. She replies Surat to meet Guru ji. Both Ammu and Amit are taken aback. Amit asks when they have to leave. She replies tomorrow morning only.
Fallu says if not now then when. You have never gone out before and now you are going to America that too for so long. I want you to take his blessings before you leave for US. Amit says I understand. But I have promised Amita’s parents that I will come over at their place and help them in the weddings preps. Fallu says but it is a matter of 2-3 days only.
Amit again denies for he has promised them for tomorrow only. Fallu is pissed off and looks at Ammu angrily. Fallu says your in-laws can wait but Guru ji cant. Amit irritably replies that he has promised them and he keeps his promise always. You too know this. I already have guru ji’s blessings then why do we need to go now. fallu firmly tells him that he will have to go with her. she gets up angrily and turns to leave.
Amit too gets up. He tells her that he cannot go. Fallu turns amazed at his reaction. She glares at Ammu. Ammu watches the discussion turning sour and she tries to ease the situation.
She tells Amit to go. She will manage her parents and wedding preps too. They will understand. She asks Fallu if it is ok if she doesn’t come along. Fallu replies yes only Amit needs to go. Ammu again tells him to go for its just about 2-3 days she will manage it. Amit finally agrees. Ammu becomes happy and Fallu is pissed off. Ammu says she will call her parents they will understand. She goes to her room. Fallu tells him its good that the thing which your mother couldn’t make you understand your wife did. Amit declines. I had promised her parents. If she gets into any problem because of this then I wouldn’t like it. This matters to me. Fallu is angry. Amit too leaves from there.

Tina is handing out the list of items to be bought by the Maharaj. Fallu comes there and says this is my week to handle kitchen then why are you doing it. Ammu enters. Tina says because she is going out for 2-3 days in between she can manage. And fallu can in turn manage the party that she will be throwing next month. Fallu is taken aback as 30-40 people come in her party. She sees Ammu and informs Tina not to do it. Her daughter-in-law is here she will do it. Ammu is taken aback. I have to go to my home too to help in Atul’s wedding preps.
Fallu says I’m not asking you not to. Now you are married you should learn how to balance the responsibilities of both the houses. Tina becomes happy. I have full faith in Ammu that she can do anything on her own. Fallu smiles while Ammu is tensed.

At night, Ammu is packing clothes for Amit. They again get in to a banter for Ammu is packing excess amount of clothes for such a short span of time. He tells her to move aside and he will do it on his own. She moves aside.
Amit says why do have to do everything extra – talk more, extra clothes, extra promises, everything extra ( ). You know you have to go home then why you took this responsibility? How will you manage running around both the homes simultaneously? But why should I worry about it.
She takes Fallu’s side. Amit points out that she used to manage things before his marriage too. She tells him now things have changed. She has a daughter-in-law who she would want to take up responsibilities too. Plus maharaj is there too. I just have to guide him.
He says you will become a sandwich…enjoy. You know what the problem with Indian women is – they try to be good in front of everyone. Ammu goes aside. She answers him back what it is to you. You are going to US so you will like the women of that area only for they are intelligent and smart enough unlike us. Indian women don’t know anything. He tries to pacify her but in vain. She tells him to pack fast as he will have to get up early next morning.
She starts packing her stuff. He looks at her packing and says when you will be shuffling between both the houses then why are you packing. She says yes I forgot. I am not going to the US like you na. She goes to keep the clothes back. Amit smiles seeing her go (very cute expressions must say!).


Fallu is giving instructions to Ammu about who eats what. She is noting everything in her notepad. Amit comes asking her to hurry up or they will get stuck in traffic. Fallu again tells Ammu something and both leave. Ammu looks at them going and thinks he dint even say bye before going. Ammu turns.
Suddenly Amit comes calling for Amita. She turns back to face him happily. He says he forgot his phone and charger. He tells her where it will be. She thinks and says but I saw you packing it yesterday night only. He looks at her with a smile and asks her if she is sure. She replies in affirmative. He bids her bye and starts walking outside…he has a broad smile on his face (must watch scene). Ammu smiles to herself.

Her phone rings. Varsha reminds her to come asap for she has to make mohanthaal for Kajal and her parents. They have specially asked for it. Ammu tells she knows and she will reach on time. Ammu recalls Fallu’s instructions.

Tina gives some money to the maharaj to go out for some days. He doesn’t need to tell anyone that she paid him for it. He happily takes it and goes. Tina and Ria smile victoriously. Tina says Fallu was becoming too proud of Ammu. Now I will watch the drama how she manages this home and Atul’s wedding.

Ammu is in the kitchen. She is waiting for maharaj. Ria enters and asks her what happened. She shares the same. Ria apologizes that she forgot to tell her that the maharaj wont be back for a few days. She asks if she can help. Ammu nods in a yes. Ria makes up an excuse that she again forgot she has to go with mom. Would she be able to manage along? Ammu says she will. Ria leaves. Ammu wonders how she would be able to do it for she doesn’t even know how to cook properly.


Ammu’s phone rings and it is Hemant. He asks her to come fast. She says she will and disconnects.

Fallu in worried how Ammu will be handling household work. Amit says she should have thought about this before giving her work. Fallu replies she too was managing things from long. Plus maharaj is there to help her as well.
Amit tells her not to think all that. Would she like to listen to some songs? Fallu is amused. Till when he started listening to music. Amit sweetly replies not me Ammu does. Fallu makes a straight expression. Amit smiles initially but quickly alter himself seeing Fallu.

Ammu is managing the kitchen work and is not able to do it properly. Amit’s dad comes and asks if she needs help. She declines. He tells her that he will be leaving for office in 30 minutes so he would need the breakfast before that. Ammu nods but as he leaves she wonders how will she do it in such a short span of time.

Ammu’s phone rings. Varsha asks her to share the recipe. She can start the preps and Ammu can take over later. Ammu starts telling her but is very much confused and names items which don’t need to be included in mohanthaal. Varsha hears her confusedly. She tells her to focus at one work at a time or else both the things will be ruined. Ammu spots that her chapatti has burnt and tells Varsha she will call later.
Everything is in a mess. Tina and Ria watch from outside and are super duper happy. Ammu is frustrated. I wont be able to do it.


Update Credit to: pooja

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